How to enforce your Data Retention Policy through automation.

If you are aware of what GDPR means or how ISO QA systems work, you already know why you should create a Data Retention Policy or Record Keeping Policy in your organization. Today I want to show how R2 Docuo can help automatize that policy.

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What’s happening and new features – May 2019

During May we have been working to add new services and improvements to R2 Docuo. We also added new options for service administrators and some improvements in our applications. Keep reading to find out more…

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Input forms and how to increase your data capture

Collecting data even in this amazing digital age can still be time consuming and tedious and requires someone to collect and enter that data into a spreadsheet or database. With our recent version of R2 Docuo we have introduced an amazing feature for our clients to help speed up data capture. Keep reading and find…

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Using electronic signatures to ensure security and authenticity.

So you have spent a lot of time, resources and negotiations to finalise the offer or proposal for a potential new client, that all important document with so much information and details is ready to be sent…

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How to perform “Data mining” in your Document Management Software

In this post I am going to show you one of the most useful functionalities of R2 Docuo and at the same time one of the least used, the creation of queries to filter documents that meet certain conditions, range of dates, name of the client, amount of a certain field ,etc.

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How to configure a Document Management Software security

Security, privacy and confidentiality are so important to our clients and our reputations so how can I ensure who see’s what?

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What is a Record Keeping Policy?

A record keeping policy is a set of rules to control document and information lifecycle in an organization, from the moment it is created or received, until it is stored for historical reference or destroyed.

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Can I get my files to go please?

It was not that long ago that all work took place in the office, this is still very much a strong working culture but even today one in five people work from home at least once a week and this number is starting to rise.

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How to use R2 Docuo Collaborator Accounts

Most of our clients have the same question: How do I use the 9,999 collaborator accounts included in the standar R2 Docuo license? In this post I will try to give you some ideas how to fully exploit these free licenses.

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Who wouldn’t want a more efficient and green office?

You could read out aloud all the documents you have piled up and stuffed in your filing cabinets to your clients and colleagues and fill your office with plants! Neither are bad ideas and neither are world changing ideas!

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Does my company need a Document Management Software?

If your answer is “I do not know …” Here are three tips to know if it is worth having a document management software.

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How to implement a Document Management System (DMS) in the Cloud

Post category: Tutorials

In this article we want to define the necessary guidelines to implement a Document Management System in any company or administration using cloud-based software. To do this we will make a complete review of all the concepts related to document management and how they must be considered regarding cloud software.

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