How was AIIM Forum Europe 2019

This month we attended AIIM Forum Europe: Intelligent Information Management in the heart of London at an excellent venue: The Grand Connaught Rooms hotel. Today I want to share with you our experience of the event to give you an idea of what they are like and what we brought to it.   What was…

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Automating office processes is possible

Most repetitive actions in a company’s office processes can be automated reducing costs and possible human errors.

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Relating documents and records with each other over multiple categories

With the countless amount of data and documents in any ECM software it is not always easy to see how and which are connected.

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Communication and social collaboration all in one place!

Every company needs to communicate in many different ways and for many different reasons be it in the same office building or another office in a different country.

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Why and How do we Test our Business Software?

We have all at some point purchased some new kind of software as a business or individual for many needs, like word processing, email, photo editing, the list is almost endless! Have you ever wondered how Quality Assurance (testing) is performed on these tools?

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The Four Ways to Solve a Problem with Management Software

Often in the company we find situations  where management software could help: a slow process, a disorganized team, lack of control in a peak of work or simply difficulty to know what is happening in each moment with precision.

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 4 minutes

What is GDPR? What do you need to know? We have prepared a 4 minutes video explaining the key points of this new privacy regulation.

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What is ECM Software? – 10 things it can do for your business

Enterprise Content Management Systems (typically sofware) have become one of the most useful tools for modern companies.  In this post  will try to explain what ECM Software is for everyone .

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How to implement a Document Management System (DMS) in the Cloud

Post category: Tutorials

In this article we want to define the necessary guidelines to implement a Document Management System in any company or administration using cloud-based software. To do this we will make a complete review of all the concepts related to document management and how they must be considered regarding cloud software.

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