Electronic signature – eSignature

Docuo electronic signature (eSignature) is a feature that allows you to remotely sign documents electronically with full legal validity, in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation, at any time during a workflow. This functionality is available in the Business and Enterprise versions of R2 Docuo. If you are not yet a Docuo customer, try the…

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How to configure the SharePoint connector

The SharePoint Connector is a Docuo plug-in that allows you to export your documents to a SharePoint server through a document process.   This integration is available in the Business and Enterprise versions of R2 Docuo. If you are not yet a Docuo customer, try the free version now. If you are a Professional customer,…

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Formulas in the “New document” process action.

How it works In the process of a category, we can define a set of automatic actions taken when moving through a transition. One of them is the “New document” action:   This feature allows you to create a new document from another category and thus link several workflows.   The New Document window allows…

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Single-use replacement tags

How it works Docuo’s conventional replacement tags can be added to Microsoft Office 365 documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with the following syntax: <@FieldGroup:Field> Each time Docuo processes a document, it replaces these tags with the corresponding field values. If you subsequently change the value of those fields, Docuo can replace these values back into the…

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“Drill down” Related Fields – Eliminate Redundant Fields in your data structure

Fields of type Related Field from Other Category  (read-only) allow you to navigate through Drop Down Lists until you reach the target field at any depth. Example: In a related category structure such as: Country -> State -> City In which we need to display the Country Per capita income data in City, we can…

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Find and detailFind functions – Search for a value in a Dropdown List

Through the Find and detailFind function, fields of type List Deployable to Other Category (LDAOC) can be defined using a formula. A formula in this type of field must return one of this three possible results: The document Id number. A text corresponding to a document code. The result of a call to the Find…

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GetField function – Get the value of a field from another category

When performing calculations with fields from related categories, it is not necessary to have those fields defined in the category you need to use them. For example, in a structure: Country -> State-> City If in a City formula we need the value of a field of its Country, it is not necessary to create…

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DetailAgg function – Compose a field from the data of a detail tab

This function allows you to compose a field using data from one or more of its “child” documents in one of its detail tabs. For example, a document of the Country category has several documents of the State category associated to it. And if we want to create a field in Country that lists the…

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