Optimise collaboration

Working with all company’s departments has never been easier. Find out how to communicate with other departments immediately and effectively.

Avoid disorganisation with the Single Entry Point.

Start receiving internal creation and review requests in one place. A faster way to prioritise work and free up your inbox. Thanks to Docuo CLM’s smart form, users indicate the type of management to be carried out and send it to the Legal Department. This way, everything will arrive in a single place.

Ensures that the necessary data is filled in.

The essential information will always be available at the start of each application. With Docuo CLM you can configure the mandatory information that users must provide for each procedure and require it to be filled in to create the request. Therefore, you will no longer waste time asking for additional data by email.

Keeping interested parties informed in real time.

Maximise the value of your team by offering faster service. When the users creates a request, they receive an email link and can check the status of their request at any time. In addition, they are automatically informed of the most important steps in the process, such as approval, signature or review.

Automate legal processes

Maximise your team’s productivity with the right tools and we will show you how to use them.

Organise your templates and create contracts automatically.

With Office 365 templates, all you have to do now is enter the contract details and the document will be created automatically, as a draft in Word for review and as a PDF ready to sign.

Save effort by automating legal workflows.

Increase your team’s productivity by automating contractual workflows and adjust them to your needs. Indicate which are the steps, who are the parties involved and customise the notifications that they will receive by email at the right time. Through a link they will be able to approve, review or request changes from any device. It’s as simple as that.

Optimise your time with the database of parties and counterparties.

Save unnecessary effort in your corporate legal practice by creating a centralised database of people and organisations that interact with your team from a legal point of view. Contracts will be completed automatically and you will not have to re-type the same data twice.

Reduce risks

Keeping contracts anywhere, forgetting key dates or not knowing who did what, will never give you headaches again.

A Single Source of Truth for your company's contracts.

All the information relating to your organisation’s contracts will be in one place. Docuo CLM is a centralised repository of legal data and documents that will become the reference place for your team’s work and questions. A secure and reliable system to store such critical information.

Don't forget key dates, set up automatic alerts.

Let Docuo CLM keep an eye on the calendar for you. Enter expiry and renewal dates, as well as deadlines for rights and obligations. The system will send automatic alerts to notify those responsible and all interested parties will be informed in due time.

Take control, full traceability throughout the process.

You will know who has done what and when, thanks to Docuo CLM. Access the change history of a contract and retrieve previous versions at any time. Files are automatically named, so you can find them easily. In addition, all user actions will be recorded.

All in one

CLM and electronic signature in a single product. Choose the right type of signature and speed up legal processes.

Docuo eSignature. Our advanced electronic signature.

Signing contracts will be a matter of minutes, not weeks. With eSignature it doesn’t matter how or where, as users sign from any mobile device and from anywhere. It’s the kind of signature that fits your needs. Docuo eSignature complies with the AES type of the European eIDAS regulation.

Docuo eCertificate. Our qualified electronic signature.

Save time by signing your organisation’s contracts with digital certificates. Upload your certificates to Docuo or install them on your computer to automate the signing process. You can also sign documents in bulk. Docuo eCertificate complies with the QES type of the European eIDAS regulation.

Docuo Basic. Faster handwritten signature.

At Docuo we are committed to the digital transformation of signature processes, but for those companies that are still required to sign on paper, we offer Docuo basic, a signature workflow that speeds up handwritten signatures as much as possible. Printing, signing, scanning and sending originals will still be tedious, but we will make it easier for you.

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