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R2 Docuo 30-day free trial FAQ

Does R2 Docuo provide the capability I need?

  • The common use cases of R2 Docuo are Engineering (BIM Common Data Environment), Contract Management (CLM for legal departments), Quality Assurance (ISO 9000, ISO 27000…) and Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, CCPA…).

    Although your activity is not one of the above, you can configure it as a Corporate Document Management System, a Workflow tool, or a File Sharing platform according to your needs.

What information should I provide?

  • R2 Docuo is software for companies and organizations. To enjoy your free trial use an email from your organization, avoid registering with personal email accounts and provide accurate information. If you think your case is special, use our contact form to tell us more about it.
  • We will normally activate your free trial in minutes (we may take longer on weekends or depending on your time zone). We may also contact you first to confirm your details.

What will happen when I press “Register”?

  • You will receive an email with a link to validate your email address.
  • Our team will review your data and create your R2 Docuo repository.
    (Between 5 minutes and 24 hours after validating your email, depending on your time zone)
  • You will receive an email with the access data, the instructions for downloading and installing the software.
    (Immediate when creating your repository)
  • You will receive another email with resources to help you in the first steps: video tutorials and product documentation.
    (Immediate when creating your repository)
  • A person from our team will email you to offer an online demo or a call to discuss the best way to solve your business needs with R2 Docuo.
    (A few minutes after creating your repository)

What hardware and software will I need?

  • Users can access R2 Docuo from any device connected to the Internet: Windows, Mac, Apple or Android mobile phones.
  • Although R2 Docuo can be used on Apple Mac computers through web browsers and on mobile phones through Apps (iOS and Android), as an administrator you will need a Microsoft Windows workstation to configure the system. You will need to download and install the R2 Docuo desktop application for this.
  • You don’t need servers to use R2 Docuo. The service is provided in the cloud, from our servers in the European Union. There is no On-premises version of R2 Docuo that you can install on your servers.

Will I find R2 Docuo ready to use?

  • When you access R2 Docuo for the first time, you will find the system empty, without any document or workflow configured. You will be able to perform basic storage tasks (upload and download documents, create folders, etc.).
  • The objective of the free trial is that you go through the video tutorials step by step, learning the different functionalities of R2 Docuo and configuring the tool to adapt it to your needs.
  • If you want a pre-configured solution for your use case, help to configure R2 Docuo or receive the official product training course, do not hesitate to request it from our team.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

  • When the end of your free trial approaches, you will receive an email notification with a link that will allow you to update your repository to a paid subscription of R2 Docuo if you wish.
  • You can also activate a paid subscription for your repository at any time by logging into this website, from the “My account” section.
  • If you decide not to contract the service, after the 30 days your R2 Docuo repository will be deactivated and removed.

How can I get support?

  • Our customer service team will contact you when you start your free trial. Write them for any questions regarding the service.
  • If something does not work as it should, you can create a support ticket from the “My account” section of this website for our technicians to review the incident.

I would like to offer R2 Docuo to my clients

  • If you are not going to be the end user of R2 Docuo, this is not the right place to contact us.
  • Instead, please use our contact form to learn about our partner program and the collaboration options we offer to consulting and IT services companies.