File type fields in Docuo allow users to store any file in them. By default, the file stored in that field will have the same name as it had on the user’s computer.

However, it is possible to configure Docuo to automatically rename files stored in such a field.

To do so, in the field options accessible from the category wizard, we must select “Auto rename” option, the value “Yes,by field name” or “Yes, by tags” as shown in the image:

“By field name” statically renames it with the name of the “Group – Field” with the extension corresponding to the file.

“By tags” is a more complete option, as it allows to indicate by substitution tags a name based on the metadata of the document itself. For example, for a field containing the Anverse ID, we can configure it as follows:

So the content could be standardised as “Anverse 01292191M – Juan Pérez García.jpg”.


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