Through the Find and detailFind function, fields of type List Deployable to Other Category (LDAOC) can be defined using a formula.

A formula in this type of field must return one of this three possible results:

  1. The document Id number.
  2. A text corresponding to a document code.
  3. The result of a call to the Find function.
  4. The result of a call to the detailFind function.
Document.find(Orden, [CondiciĆ³n])

The function returns the first document found according to the order and conditions specified.

Document.detailFind(List_field, Order, [Condition])
The function returns the first document found according to the specified order and conditions.


List_field: is the name of the Dropdown List in the “child” category, where the document from the parent category is selected. Its syntax is a tag like <@CategoryCode:Group:Field>. For example, in the category Country, we can search among its States by entering in List_Field the value:


Order: is a text string for sorting. It indicates by which field or fields we want to sort the results. The syntax must include the name of one or more fields separated by commas. After each of them we will specify the ASC or DESC clause to indicate the sorting direction. For example, to find the first States of the Country in alphabetical order, order should have the value:

'<@PRV:Properties:Name> ASC'

Condition: is an optional parameter with a T-SQL condition text string of the same type used in the Dropdown Lists. It allows us to filter the search results. For example, to search only among the States of this Country starting with Al, we would use for Condition the value:

"<@PRV:Properties:Name> LIKE 'Al%' "

If the Country were Spain, the value in this list would automatically show Ɓlava.


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