Docuo forms allow you to create new records, view and edit existing data, preview a document or even sign it digitally.

In all cases, the user enters the information, or views it, and finally presses the “Submit” button.

During the creation of a form in Docuo you can configure what you want to happen when the user clicks “Submit”.

You can choose to display a message, redirect to other page of your choice or, if the category has a process set up, change its status in the workflow.

It is also possible to go to the “Mails” step of the category wizard and create a mail that is launched when the user submits the form, without the need to change the workflow status:


This way you can inform anyone that the form has been used.

In the same way it is possible to set up any other type of communication: an alert in the mobile App, an SMS message or a notification in Microsoft Teams.


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