Here at R2 Docuo, March has been a vertiginous month in which we have prepared many interesting new features for you. We have also changed some internal mechanics to make them more agile. Keep reading to find out what’s new in R2 Docuo.

More agility. More deliveries

Starting February 2018 we have changed the way we improve R2 Docuo. Instead of the classic “new version”, from now on we deliver the new features as soon as they are tested and ready to use, one by one!

This reduces the number of scheduled stops and increases the pace of deliveries. In this newsletter you will see everything we have done in March, but every time we deliver new functionality we publish on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and even Instagram, so follow us if you want to find out what’s new on the same day that is available.

You can also send us a direct message or comment on any of these social networks if you have any questions about R2 Docuo.

Link one process with another + Document retention policy

We have listened to you. Now you can make a document or process become another when you reach one of its final states and also decide how long you want to save a document that has reached its final state.

Access the category wizard and right click on a final state of your process, you will see a new option: “Configure…”

When you open this option you will see the following window:

In this window you can configure that, when this state is reached, a new document of another category is created and optionally the current one is deleted.

Be careful with metadata! The new document will only “copy” the name, description and those shared fields that have the source and destination category. The rest of the metadata will not be copied.

From here you can also configure R2 Docuo to delete the documents once a certain number of days have passed in this final state. Perfect for automating the document  keeping policy of your company.

Formulas to add fields of related categories

Suppose you have an INVOICE category and another category called INVOICE LINES. Lines have a field of type “Dropdown List To Another Category” (DLTAC) called “Invoice” and another field type currency called “Amount” to show on invoices a field “Total” with the sum of the amounts of your lines, now you can use this formula:


Which allows to totalize the fields of all the records related to a document. We have also added formulas to show the mean and maximum or minimum value of a field in selected records:


Improvements in R2 Docuo for Android

R2 Docuo for Android is improving to hunt its twin brother (iOS) by leaps and bounds. The search, the view of favorites, recent and the possibility of ordering results are now available:

It is also possible to view the details of a document, its attachments and very soon you can also see comments, reminders and tasks, as well as change the status of documents. Stay tuned:

Do not forget to update R2 Docuo for Android in Google Play to always have the latest version and of course if you are iPhone users, download R2 Docuo for iOS in the App Store.

Improvements in the R2 Docuo web portal

Nor do we forget the users of web browsers (many Mac users only use this form of access). In this area we are improving the operation in the tabs of related documents in the detail windows:

It is now possible to create new documents from the details tabs and very soon you can also assign them, delete them or change their status from the same site.

We hope you like the news, many of them have been operational for several weeks!

Don’t forget to follow us on social networks to be the first to find out about the next ones.

See you in the cloud!

Jorge Ramírez


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