In a four-minute video we explain how to relate document categories (whether or not they have a main file), to create a powerful database with R2 Docuo.

We recently talked about the importance of relationships between entities in any program that stores data. Relationships allow information to be organized in order to consult it afterwards as efficiently as possible (with filters and personalized queries) and, what is more important, to be able to reuse it when necessary.

Linking an order with its client, a student with its class, an incident with its technician, a city with its state and a state with its country, are just some examples that are “natural” in our mind and that relations between categories allow us to trasfer to data structures in R2 Docuo with ease.

Today we present a new four-minute video tutorial on the creation of relationships between R2 Docuo categories. Take a look and in a few minutes you will be converting your documentary categories into a powerful relational database.

We have added this new episode to the official list of product tutorials. Number 15 of the series …

If you are looking for a tool that allows building a relational structure with your data and documents. Without technical programming knowledge, you should definitely evaluate an ECM software.

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More tutorials will be added soon. Stay tuned.

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