This version brings important improvements in the Web portal as the custom views in the category tree or editing and creating traces. Mac users are in luck!

On Tuesday 29th November the new version of R2 Docuo goes live.  These are the new features that incorporates.

Custom views on the Web portal

Now the Web portal shows the columns of the custom views in those categories that have the same (purple tree or Category View), as the desktop application does.

The icon to access the details is now on the left side of the row. It is possible to vary the width of the columns and can be ordered by all of them.

Comments, reminders and tasks from the Web portal

It is now possible to create, edit and delete all types of traces (comments, reminders and tasks) from the Details window of a document in the Web portal.

Folders in attachments in the Web portal

Since the last version of R2 Docuo it is possible to organize the attachments of a document by folders. This functionality was not implemented in the Web portal. From this version you are.

Improved import and export

The importer and exporter of R2 Docuo documents and metadata has been completely remodelled. It is now possible to use the metadata importer from Excel template to override values and not just to add new records.

The import and export actions continue to be in the context menu (right-click) on a category.

Generating the template has added the option to generate it filled with all metadata of it (to edit existing metadata), or empty only with the headers (to import new records).

Now all export and import processes appear in a new tab in the File transfer window and you can continue working while the task is done, or even cancel it.

Progress is also shown in an icon on the right upper part of R2 Docuo. When the export or import task terminates, a notification is received.

When modifying an import template we must note that: If the code column is populated, the importer overwrites the values of the existing record instead of adding a new record. If the supplied code is not in the system, that row will fail to import. If the code cell is empty, a new record will be added. It is important to keep this in mind when completing the templates.

Import progress is also displayed in the File transfer window. Errors are displayed at the end of the process, this can be repeated as often as necessary.

The speed of import and export processes has increased with respect to earlier versions.

Performance improvement in publishing tasks

The speed of all publishing processes (generating from template, publishing, etc.) has increased dramatically.


We hope you enjoy the changes.

See you in the cloud!


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