This version brings us as more significant improvements like the new file-type fields and the new automatic mail editor, but there is much more …On Monday 27th March, the new version of R2 Docuo went live. These are the new amazing features that it incorporates.

New automatic mail editor

The R2 Docuo automatic mail editor has been completely remodelled to improve usability and add new features. Now the appearance of the window to create an automatic mail is very similar to that of Microsoft Outlook.

The “Submit Test” button allows you to receive an example of how the e-mail will look to the recipient. The “type” field now allows you to choose between “Email” or “notification“. The second option will create a notification for the affected recipients to appear in your notifications area (dummy button), send an optional email notification and unlike previous versions, it won’t leave traces on the Tracking tab.

The “Send” field now allows you to choose the event that will prompt the Mail’s sending. Added a new event called “when the document remains in a state for a while“. Both this new event and the old “when you arrive at the date specified in the field of a document” now allow you to repeat the message once the condition has been reached (for example send a message when the document takes 3 days in “requested” State and return to Send it every day for a week as long as it stays in that state).

The “for“, “subject“, and “attachments” fields have the same behaviour as previous versions except for attachments, which now allows additional options for sending the main document, attachments, and New file type fields.

The Message body Editor now offers two editing modes: Rich text and HTML.

In rich Text mode (default) The appearance of the message is displayed as the recipient (WYSIWYG) will see. In this mode it is possible to use the buttons on the strip to change the format of the text (font, size, colour, alignment, etc.), add substitution tags, embed images or insert links to the document itself and other websites. The language button allows you to create multiple versions of the same mail so that each user receives it in their own language.

Activating the option “HTML mode” the message is converted to this format allowing to edit the HTML code directly and preview the result using the “Preview” tab.

By activating the “Allow in Group” option, the editor separates header, body, and footer from the content to allow its separate editing. If the message is prompted at the same time for multiple documents, instead of sending multiple messages, a single message will be sent in which the body of the content will be repeated once for each document.

New Field type: File

You can now create a new field type for a document category in R2 Docuo.

File-type fields allow you to attach a file as a metadata for a document.

The user can select a file from their computer or scan it directly from the scanner. Once the file is entered in the field, it can be opened by double-clicking it or deleting it by selecting the field and pressing Delete.

New file-type fields have interesting properties available for your configuration.

You can set up a file type field as mandatory or locked in some states of the process. You can also set the field to respect the name of the loaded file or rename it automatically with the name of the field.

This new type of metadata opens many possibilities to use R2 Docuo in processes related to validation of documents, in which typically a subject must provide different documents to be able to advance through the process (passport, images, certificates, etc.).

Unique fields by category

It is now possible to configure a field in R2 Docuo as “single by category” So that the system does not allow two documents of the same category to exist with the same value in that field.

This new configuration is valid for all types of codes or discrete values that want to be preserved as unique (tax codes, emails, etc.)

New “Formatting” property for text fields

It is now possible to limit the format that users can enter when they populate a text field using “Regular expressions”. To do this, the new “format” option must be configured.

A regular expression is a sequence of characters that allows you to detect a pattern in a text and determine whether it is fulfilled or not. This example introduces a regular string for the field “ZIP code” that forces the user to enter five numbers where in addition the first two must be from ‘ 01 ‘ to ‘ 52 ‘.

The creation of regular chains is a somewhat complex theoretical concept that can be found numerous tutorials and practical examples in the network. To learn more about regular expressions we recommend visiting

New field types “process information”

Added new types and new options for the “Process information” fields.

It is now possible to specify the accuracy (minutes or days) for the time intervals, as well as to obtain information of remaining time, date of entry and exit or authors of such inputs or outputs within the process; Both using the “current state” and specifying a specific state or a set of states.

Web Portal: Tabs in the detail of a document

The details view of a document on the Web portal has been completely remodelled to have a tab-organized look as it happens in the desktop application.

Also included are some features that were not yet present in the Web version, such as displaying related documents in tabs.

Web Portal: Totals bar in Custom view

It is now possible to view in the Web portal the totals bar in the custom views of categories that have numeric or currency fields.

It can also be configured if you want to display the total, the average or hide the data.

R2 Docuo for IOS: Search

The R2 Docuo version for Apple mobile phones has been available for a few weeks. He has recently had updates with new features. The last of them has included the predictive search.

New features will be added in future versions of R2 Docuo for IOS.


We hope you enjoy the changes.

See you in the cloud!


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