New video-tutorial: The document details window

It allows to view and edit document metadata in R2 Docuo, create comments, reminders and tasks for other users and attach auxiliary files as attachments. Still don’t know it?

Whether you just want to add the description of a file or work with attachments, versions, workflows or advanced metadata, you must master this concept of R2 Docuo to get the most out of the product.

Today we present a new five-minute video tutorial on the cornerstone of document management with R2 Docuo: The details window. We have added this new episode to the official list of product tutorials. Number 11 of the series…

If you already know R2 Docuo it might seem like a simple concept, but here’s a little spoiler: At the end of the video we have an advanced trick for administrators …

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More tutorials will be added soon until we reach the most advanced R2 Docuo topics. Stay tuned.

See you in the cloud!

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