Bellow you can find the full R2 Docuo 1.5.3. changelog. This update brings full access to the desktop application for collaborators, it also enables advanced options for password complexity:

Collaborators can now use the R2 Docuo desktop application

Any collaborator can now download the R2 Docuo desktop application for Windows and log in to the service with his or her credentials in the same way that it is done from the  R2 Docuo web portal.

Avaliable functionalities in both interfaces will be nearly the same; however, using the desktop application will bring important advantages over web portal access like automatic one-click editing when having the corresponding rights in a folder.

Collaborators can now modify a document basic metadata

Collaborators are now able to edit and change name, description and document date when having editing rights in a document.

Password complexity advanced configuration

New avaliable options for password strength requirements on each repository have been included in this version.  These requirements can now be specified separately for ordinary user accounts or administrator user accounts. The number of passwords to be remembered and new complexity settings (num of required uppercase, lowercase, numeric or special characters) are some of the new options.

Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version includes several bugfixes and optimization tasks.

The new version will be rolled out to our production servers on Tuesday September 29th 2015 at 21:00 (CET) with an estimated downtime of six hours.


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