This version has two main improvements: Document relationships and performance tweaks, but it also comes with a lot of new features. Have a look on the changelog

R2 Docuo 1.5.5 changelog:

General performance boost

We have made important changes in R2 Docuo to improve  general perfomance and transfer speed in most operations. The performance tweak is really notable in every area, reaching in some cases a 250% improvement compared to prior versions.

Drag and drop files and folders in the web portal

In older versions file and folder drag and drop was enabled in the R2 Docuo desktop application. This feature is now available also in the web portal:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

IMPORTANT: Files can be drag&dropped in any browser. However, folder drag and drop is only available in modern versions of Google Chrome.

Web portal general improvements

New features have been added to the web portal, here are a few: Adresees can now be selected for new comments:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

Multiple documents may be now forwarded through their workflow at a time selecting all them together. Folder moving is now implemented in the web portal and in the desktop application if you have enough rights.  Several bugfixes in mobile browsers have been adressed (Safari on iPad).

Compose document name and description from metadata

Now you can use replacement tags to automatically compose document name and description using its metadata:

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Once the “default value” field has been filled, the document name or description will be read-only (it will be automatically composed). This change is also available for existing documents. However published versions will not be renamed (even when metadata is changed).

Notify users on automatic emails

Now you can configure an automatic e-mail to, in addition to be sent by email to its adresees, create a new notification that will be shown in the notification area of R2 Docuo (if they are R2 Docuo users):

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The email will keep being sent but the users will receive in addition a new notification in their notification area.

Action log in document activity

Now the document activity tab is populated with state changes and publishing actions in addtion to comments, reminders and tasks:

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In this way you can see together user actions and their comments.

Documents relationships

Now you can create relationships between documents using the new field type “dropdown list to other category”:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

In the options tab the destination category can be choosen:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

After saving changes, in the document details you can dropdown and select documents of the related category:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

In the same way, in the related category documents, a new tab with the name of the original category will be added so you can see the inverse relation on this documents:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

You can also assign documents from this tab using the “Assign” action.

Show related category read-only fields

Once a relationship between two document categories has been created, you can add read only controls in one of them to show data of the other.

To do this you need to use the new field type Related field from other category:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

In the options tab we can choose the dropdown list that allow us to reach the remote category, and the destination field that we want to display:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

Now when we select a document from the related category, its data field is automatically displayed on the new field in read only:

Nuevo árbol de carpetas

If you change selection in the dropdown list, the corresponding field will change automatically.


We hope you enjoy the new features!.


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