This version brings links to share files safely with all users, including those that do not have an account in R2 Docuo. There are also automatic emails per folder.

On Tuesday 31 May, the new version of R2 Docuo went Live. These are the new features that it incorporates.

Direct-opening links in system emails

From now, when someone writes for you a comment, reminder or task in a document, the email notice that arrives, is personalized with the corporate image of the organization and also has two buttons that allow access to the details of that document with a click.

The “Open in R2 Docuo” button can only be used from Windows workstations with the desktop application installed. When pressed, the document details will be opened (a warning message may appear according to the security settings of the computers). The “Open in Web Portal” button will open the document details on the R2 Docuo Web portal using the default browser.

Automatic emails by folders

It is now possible to configure automatic email alerts that are sent when someone loads, changes, or deletes files in a folder. In the folder Manager there is a new “post” button and a new optional “on” icon next to the folders to indicate that they have configured alerts.

By selecting a folder and clicking the “emails” button, we enter the window to configure the automatic alerts in that folder (and its subfolders).

In this window we can define which users or groups should receive an email notification when any of the indicated events occur (you can ask to be notified when someone loads, modifies, deletes, publishes or simply visualizes a file in this folder). Folders that have configured alerts are marked with a yellow envelope icon in the manager window.

Recycling bin

Deleted files now go to the trash bin before they are definitively eliminated 30 days later. When deleting a file, the new “trash” icon will appear on the top right side of the screen. Pressing it can display recently deleted files.

The Trash can be automatically restored or deleted manually. If no action is carried out on them. They are Eliminated after the elapsed 30 days (this time can be set to options). The administrator can view your trash and any user’s.

Sharing documents through links

It is now possible to share a file with a public link that anyone, even if not a user or collaborator of R2 Docuo, can use to download it. To create the link, use the shortcut menu (right-click) and the new “share” option.

The files for which a public link has been created show the “link” icon after its name in the results list. The Public Link Creation window allows you to set different security options for the link or send an email containing the link to any email address.

In the tab “links for users and collaborators”, there are four permanent links that always exist for each file in R2 Docuo. These links, unlike the public, require user or contributor credentials to access the file. Allow to download the file or view its details, both through the Web portal and the desktop application for Windows.

It is also possible to create a dynamic link when generating an automatic mail for a category. This has included a “Create link” button that facilitates the task.

Public links can be a security issue, so that administrators have a control of them a “Public link Manager” button has been added to the tool bar.

Customizing the desktop application for Windows

The desktop application for Windows now has the same personalization as the Web portal.

Even after the session is started, the custom logo is also displayed on the main screen of R2 Docuo. If you have not yet customized the look of your repository, we remind you that you can do so from the “My Account” section of the R2 Docuo website.

Opening details with a double click, by category

In previous versions, the option to always open the details of a document with double-click (instead of opening or downloading the file) was added. This option can now be specified for each document category, in the first step of the Category Wizard.

Show multiple-level related fields

Previous versions added the ability to show related fields in another category (in read-only mode). There was a limitation that did not allow choosing for this type of field, fields in the category destination that in turn were also related of a third category. This version has eliminated this limitation.

Example: Taking the categories: population, province, country, where in province is shown a field with the name of the country, now in population could show two fields, one with the name of the province and another with the name of the country.


We hope you enjoy the changes.

See you in the cloud!


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