This version brings the electronic signature of PDF documents with digital certificate and enhanced scanning capabilities. All this with the usability and simplicity of R2 Docuo. 

These are the new features of the version:

Electronic signature

Now an administrator can load in R2 Docuo one or more digital certificates and allow users to sign PDF documents with them.

You will need a file with PFX O. p12 that contains the certificate and know your private key (password). Certificates must be loaded into the administrator of electronic signatures accessible to admins from the tool button of the desktop application.

You must first load a certificate. Later, signatures are created that allow users to carry out the signing action. To load in R2 Docuo a new certificate, press the “New …” button.

The encryption algorithm of your certificate must be the issuing authority, if you do not know proof, SHA-256 is the most common today. Once the certificate is imported we can create a signature.

In this screen you can configure the options of the electronic signature. The different options are explained in the informative balloons (the default options are the most common). In the section “Permissions” You can restrict this digital signature so that it is only used by some users. If you do not specify any permission for a signature, all users in the repository will be able to use it.

The manual signature process is really simple, just select one or more PDF files and use the right click action “Sign …”. If the user has permissions to use multiple signatures, the system will ask you which one you want to use and the PDF file will be signed. A “padlock” icon will appear in all PDF files that are digitally signed, already signed in R2 Docuo or loaded into the already signed system. If a document has been signed by mistake, administrators can use the right click action “Remove Signoff …” in the same way.

The signature process can also be associated with the publication of the main file in a document category R2 Docuo with version control and PDF Publishing.

This makes it possible to link the signature to the publication and indirectly also change the State of a document (by configuring the publishing automatically when advancing through a transition) in its process, which makes the applications almost limitless.

IMPORTANT: Once a certificate has been loaded into R2 Docuo, the signature actions do not prompt users for the private key of the same (the password). You must properly configure signature security and publishing permissions on categories that sign when posting to prevent fraudulent use of your certificate. Pay special attention to this aspect.

Scan documents

If you have a scanner connected and with drivers installed on your computer that support the Twain standard, from this version you will see the button “Scan … ” in the toolbar of R2 Docuo.

By pressing it you will see a window of options that allows you to select your scanner and choose whether, in the case of performing multiple scans in the same action, you want to create a different PDF file for each page or a single PDF file with multiple pages.

Pressing OK will show your scanner’s own scan screen. Adjusts the options and performs the scan action on that screen once per page or file; When you finish it. The new or scanned files will be loaded to R2 Docuo.

You can also use the Scan button from the Categories view, which will upload the scanned files to the corresponding category even change the name using the code if you have it configured.

The “Scan” button has also been added to the Details window in the main file and to the attachments tab of that window.

Remember that while you do not have a scanner installed correctly with your drivers on your workstation, you will not see the “Scan …” button on any screen.

Improvements in the Web portal

The Portal web continues to incorporate in each version more functionalities that until now were only available in the desktop application. This release has added the following actions in the details section of a document.

– Generate from Template
– Publish Document
– Replace Labels
– Delete Draft
– Rename Attachments


We hope you enjoy the changes.

See you in the cloud!



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