This version brings more improvements to the Web portal, search capabilities and attachments.On Monday 26th September, the new version of R2 Docuo went Live. These are the new exciting features that it incorporates.

Search improvements

The R2 Docuo Finder now shows results when it finds partial matches in the words, in particular at the beginning of the same.

When a search does not return results, it will show matches found with similar words if they exist.

When a search returns matches with the metadata of a document, a magnifying glass icon will be displayed next to the result. Placing the cursor on this magnifying glass will show a window with the results found.

Improvements in the attachments

The Attachment tab in the Details window of a document has been completely remodelled.

Now it is possible:

•   Create subfolders in attachments.
•   Electronically sign attachments.
•   Control of changes to the attachments (right click on an attachment).
•   Control of editing times on the attachment (right click on an attachment).
•   Edit attachments automatically (as you do with the main file).
•   Drag Microsoft Outlook attachments to the attachments of a R2 Docuo document.
•   Drag files from the list of results to the attachments of a document and vice versa.
•   Send attachments by email (right click on one or more attachments).
•   Retrieve attachments from the Recycle Bin.
•   Mark attachments as favourites.
•   See in recent activity with attachments.
•   See the progress of removing a large number of attachments.
•   Continue to work while loading or unloading attachments.

Improvements in the Web portal

The web portal continues to expand its functionality to approach the desktop application. Several options have been added to the details of a document from on the Web portal for users.

Now it is possible:

•   Version, publish, and remove publish of a version-controlled document.
•   Render obsolete an existing document to remove from view without deleting.
•   Change the draft version of a document.
•   Convert attachments to PDF, replace tags, rename or delete them.
•   Know when a file is digitally signed (padlock icon).
•   Access documents related to “drop-down lists to another category”.
•   Deploy the fields of the type “drop-down list with search”.


We hope you enjoy the changes.

See you in the cloud!



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