R2 Docuo 1.7.4 brings new settings for the “Users / Collaborators” fields, a new service administration website and important performance improvements.

Today, Tuesday 18 at 7:00 PM CEST we will upload the new version of R2 Docuo (1.7.4). The estimated downtime is four hours. These are the new features that it incorporates:

New settings for the data type fields: Users / Collaborators

Now it is possible to add a default value to the fields of data type “Users / Collaborators”:

In addition, it may be chosen that the default value is “user who created the record”, so that it is filled in automatically when new records are created.

Unlike previous versions, now when a field of data type “Users / Collaborators” is chosen as the recipient of an automatic email, that user will receive the email even if they do not have the permissions to see the corresponding record. The same applies to any user or collaborator (including groups) established in the automatic email itself.

Remember the order and position of the columns in the detail tabs

Now when the detail window of a record has a details tab to records of another category, the columns shown in that details tab will remember its order, position and size even if these are altered (desktop application).

Creation and editing of state change links from the web portal

The state change links introduced in version 1.7.3 of R2 Docuo can now be created and edited from the web portal and not only from the desktop application.

Fields of data type “Users / Collaborators” in R2 Docuo for iOS

The “User / Collaborators” fields can now be viewed and completed from R2 Docuo for iOS.

New management site

The service management website will continue to be accessible from www.r2docuo.com but will now have its own domain separate from the main product site.

Performance improvements

We have introduced a layer of caches for the most frequent requests received by our servers, which will provide an overall performance improvement of 30% in the daily work.

See you in the cloud!

Jorge Ramírez


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