With this version of R2 Docuo you can configure automatic status changes between related workflows. This powerful improvement will allow you to further automate your office processes and save time on repetitive tasks that were previously manual. Keep reading to see an example:

Yesterday, Tuesday, the 26th, at 7:00 PM CET, the new version of R2 Docuo (1.8) went into production. The estimated downtime was two hours. In addition to performance improvements, the new version contains a major improvement called automatic state changes between related processes that we explain below:

An example: Projects and Tasks

To understand this functionality well, we are going to pose a simple example. Let’s suppose two categories R2 Docuo, one of them would be Projects, which has this process configured:

We also have another category called Tasks, which has this process configured:

In the tasks, there is a data field of type Drop down List Related to Other Category that allows us to indicate which project this task belongs to:

If you know R2 Docuo you already know that this makes both categories related. So that we can have a project with several tasks assigned:

When all the tasks are completed, the logical thing is that the project is finished. In R2 Docuo this change of state (change the project to Completed when its 4 tasks were completed) had to be carried it out manually. Until now:

“Finish a project when all your tasks are completed”

Manage the Projects category and choose the “Process” step of the Category wizard. Now, on the diagram, right-click on the transition (arrow) “All finished” and select “Configure …”:

Then the following screen will appear:

Choose “Auto forward when any of the following conditions is met” and then select “New …” to create a new condition:

We are going to configure the auto forward so that it is activated “Depending on the states of its child documents”. Pressing accept allows us to specify more:

So we say that: when all the documents in the list of details TASKS of a project, reach the status “Completed”, the transition must be executed. Press OK, it should look like this:

Ready! From now on, when all the tasks of a project reach the “Completed” status, the project will be automatically “Completed”. One less task to do manually.

“When you finish a project manually, complete all your tasks”

The other typical case is the inverse one: We finish manually a project from R2 Docuo and we want that all its tasks advance to “Completed” automatically, without having to do it manually.

To achieve this we will repeat all the steps of the previous example, until we get to the screen to configure a transition. At that time we will go to the tab “Automatic actions”:

Now we create a new automatic action that we want to take place as we go through this transition:

We choose “Forward children documents” and by clicking accept we can specify more:

We want that when we advance through the transition of finalizing a project, all the documents of the list of TASKS that are in the “Pending” state advance through the transition “Complete task” to the “Completed” state. We press accept and we have our automatic action:

From this moment, if we advance a project to “Completed” manually, all your pending tasks will be completed.

Surely by reading this example you have come up with many possible applications for this new functionality applied to your own business processes. Make some examples and start eliminating manual tasks from your day to day.

We hope that the new features are to your liking … and that you enjoy the pancakes!

See you in the cloud!




Jorge Ramírez


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