Our professional cloud-based document management software continues to improve. In April we have incorporated new features to R2 Docuo and we bring an event for your agenda. Keep reading to find out what’s new in R2 Docuo.

AIIM Forum 2019 of Intelligent Management of Information

We’re going to London! This November 12th we participate in the European Forum of Intelligent Information Management with experts, media and other software vendors. It is an opportunity to get to know the best tools of Document Management, Workflow and Enterprise Content Management (ECM):

During the event we will lead a ’round table’ with the title: “From Pain to Process: Moving from Process Agony to Productivity (Office Process Automation)”. Reserve your place and come to see us at our stand.

Improvements to R2 Docuo for Android

R2 Docuo for Android has come a long way in April. One of the most important improvements is the possibility of changing the status of a document from the App:

Also this month has been added the possibility of receiving new comments, reminders or tasks through the App thanks to the notifications button:

You will receive alerts (WhatsApp style) on your phone when there is a new notification or an important event occurs in a documents workflow:

In the details view of a document it is now also possible to upload and view its attachments:

If you have not already done so, download R2 Docuo for Android from Google Play or R2 Docuo for iOS from the App Store.

Improvements to R2 Docuo for Windows

Last month we brought you an improvement that allowed you to create new documents (in another category) when you reach the final state of a workflow. Following your suggestions, now it is also possible to create new documents in another category when executing any transition, not only in final states.

To configure this, in the category manager, right-click on an arrow to configure the transition and in the “Automatic Actions” tab click on “New …” and choose “New document”. The system will ask you for the category of the new document you wish to create in.

Note that you could have more than one additional document created in the same transition by creating several automatic actions.

On the other hand replacement tags can now replace file type fields inside any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint template as long as the file stored in these fields is an image.

Let’s suppose a category to store real estate with a file type field that shows the facade of the property:

If you use the replacement tag for that field in a Word template (for example), you can get this result:

This opens the door to many applications to automate documents that contain photographs, signatures or images of any kind.


Improvements to the R2 Docuo web portal

At last all the necessary tasks can be carried out from the details window of a document when a tab of related documents is consulted. Last month we brought the “New Document” action, but in April they are already operational: “Upload files”, “Change state” and “Delete”:

We hope you like the news. Remember that many of them have been operational for several weeks. We are reporting through social media as soon as improvements are available. Follow us if you want to be the first to find out what’s new in R2 Docuo.

See you in the cloud!

Jorge Ramírez


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