July was a busy month here at R2 Docuo with new features being added to give you more options with sharing and accessing your files, new email options and more. Keep reading for more details…

Email links to file fields

Previously you were able to add a link directly into emails that allowed anyone to download the document in question once they received the email. Now you can do the same with any file fields you have in that documents metadata.

To do this head over to the email stage of the categories wizard either create a new email or edit an existing one. From the tool bar select “Link” (as you would to add a normal document link)

Here we added any file fields that are in the category to the “Source” list. Like a standard document link you can add text to the link, set up specific security options and make the link public or private.

Complete the rest of your email as normal, now the recipient can download the file field direct from the email. Remember emails can be sent to anyone regardless of them being a user of R2 Docuo.

Expiry dates in links

When you share a document / file field or create a link to a document or file filed in an email we have introduced a new option for how you manage the expiration of a that link.

Share a document directly and you can select a specific date or set an amount of days from when you create the link.

Creating a link in an email to either the main document or a file field you can also select a set date or how many days after the email is sent the link has before expiring.

State email triggers

In previous versions you could configure a specific transition to create unique emails to send out. Now we have also extended this feature to our states! You can notify anyone now when a document enters or leaves a specific state.

To start, simply select the state you want to create an email for…

Create a new action… (HINT: Here you can create multiple emails and edit them. You can see and create the same emails from the email step of the category wizard)

Finally in the familiar email editor you choose when this email is triggered through the “Send” list options. Then finish your email, save and it is ready to go.

Android users

The Android application in July got a lot of attention. Now you have more options in regards to the main file and file fields. Like all other platforms in Android you can now create from template, replace tags and convert to PDF. If your category has version control you can also publish and change versions using the “Cog” next to the main file.

Make sure to update your app always to get the most up to date features.

Additional changes

In June we introduced two step authentication to the windows client. This month we have also brought this feature to the web portal. Continuing to give you more piece of mind.

Fields with the data type “Drop down list” can now have a default value. This can be set in the category manager when created or you can adjust and existing field.

Do not forget you can view more information on these features and others in our online documentation here.

We really hope you like the new features. We are so proud to be able to implement so many that are requests from our clients.

As always we’re here to help!



James Storey



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