In June we added new functionalities to R2 Docuo including features to make the service even more secure. Keep reading to learn more…

Two factor authentication

Now it is possible to configure two factor authentication in an R2 Docuo repository. This feature allows you to strengthen the security of your repository so that users and collaborators, after entering their password, have to provide a code that they will receive on their mobile device in order to access it.

You can configure this behavior from the “Settings” option in the “Wrench” menu of R2 Docuo for Windows providing you have administrative privileges:

In the new tab “Two factor authentication” choose the values of this feature for users and / or collaborators. If you choose “Force“, all users should use it. If you choose “Allowed” you can force the two factor authentication only for some users (it can be configured for each user account differently). Also if “Allowed” is selected, any user can activate it for his or her account.

Once this option is enabled, users will be able to activate it for their account in the “Wrench” menu:

Whether they enable it or if they are forced by the general configuration, users will see a screen like this to activate this control:

Following the instructions, the two factor authentication will be activated.

The next time users log in, after entering their password, they will see this screen:

Do not forget to install Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator on your device to consult the codes requested by R2 Docuo.

Formulas in text type fields

Now it is possible to configure formulas in text type fields so that these fields are composed of others. For example, if you have a “First name” field and a “Surname” field, you can create a field called “Full Name” that is the first and surname together (separated by a space):

If you do not have basic knowledge of Javascript, consult the documentation of R2 Docuo to learn more about the formulas, however the user interface will provide help with the most common cases.

Improvements in R2 Docuo for Android

R2 Docuo for Android continues to incorporate improvements. This month the App has been updated with multiple contextual actions on documents and folders.

From the list of results, you can slide to the left a document or folder to carry out actions on it. Some of them are: Add or remove favorites as well as rename or delete folders and documents.

The creation of new folders has also been enabled from the App with the “+” button.

You can download these updates from Google Play on your device.

These are all the features that we have added to R2 Docuo in the last month, we hope you like them and use them as much as possible.

See you in the cloud.

Jorge Ramírez


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