During May we have been working to add new services and improvements to R2 Docuo. We also added new options for service administrators and some improvements in our applications. Keep reading to find out more…

Finite State Machine diagrams: Better than flowcharts

Have you ever wondered what is the origin of the unique R2 Docuo approach to workflow diagrams? Some weeks ago our CEO wrote in IT Proportal about our circles & arrows (states & transitions) diagrams or technically speaking the Finite State Machine Diagrams. Have a look at the article to learn how did we turn this automata theory resource into the comprehensive tool that they are in R2 Docuo now.

Additional accounts to request support

Now the administrators of the R2 Docuo service can add an additional account so that another user of R2 Docuo of their repository can create Support Tickets.

The accounts are created by the owner of the service, you only have to access the customer area with your username and password and add the new support account in the link shown below:

The number of support accounts available varies depending on the number of users hired in the repository.

Additional information when creating a support ticket

Now when a support ticket is created it is possible to specify the name of the repository in which you have the issue (useful when you have several contracted) and provide a contact phone number.

If you leave your phone number the team will call you if necessary. Many times a call can help solve the problem quickly.

Additional email to receive a copy of the invoices

Now, the owner of the R2 Docuo service can configure one or more additional addresses to receive a copy of the service invoices (for example, include the address of someone in the administration department).

Access the customer area with your username and password and then edit your user profile (top right).Now go to “Invoicing data” and configure who you want to receive a copy of the invoices:

It’s over having to forward that email every month …

Create documents and edit metadata from the App (iOS and Android)

The mobile applications of R2 Docuo are constantly evolving, new functionalities are added so that you have a better user experience. The latest features we have added are creating documents in categories and editing metadata.

From the categories view you can use the + button and choose «New document» in the menu. This way you can complete the metadata and create a new record.

To edit the details just press the blue button that appears to the right of each record and access the details window where you can edit the metadata of the document.

Download or update R2 Docuo for Android or R2 Docuo for iOS and take a look at this improvement.

These are all the features that we have added to R2 Docuo in the last month, I hope you like them and get the most out of them.

As always for any questions or queries reach out to me and the team.

James Storey


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