Workflow description

For any Customer Service department it is very important to have a ticketing system that allows you to keep track of incidents, queries and suggestions from our customers and know what state they are in.

This R2 Docuo downloadable package will allow you to remember any of the incidences or queries created by your clients and keep the work organized.

In what scenarios is this workflow useful?

In any service company or department thereof that needs to respond to users or customers internally or externally

What documentary categories does it include?

The package includes the Support Ticket category.

What document templates, automatic emails and notifications does it include?

The Support Tickets category is prepared with a basic set of metadata and automatic emails to communicate with the user or client when:

  • Opening a ticket
  • The resolution of a ticket (when an answer is given)
  • The reopening of a ticket (when the user does not consider the answer valid)
  • Closing the ticket

What tasks does it automate?

The Support Tickets category automates the sending of the pertinent automatic emails for the management of the ticketing business process

Donwload & setup instructions

1. Get an R2 Docuo repository

In order to use this package you will need an R2 Docuo repository. If you are already a customer, you can skip this step. Otherwise you can create a free 30 day trial repository using this link:

Start an R2 Docuo free 30 day trial

Once you have your R2 Docuo repository, log in to R2 Docuo for Windows with an administrator account.

2. Download the package

Use the following link to download the R2 Docuo package:

Download R2 Docuo package - Ticketing system for Customer Support

Once downloaded, open the .zip file and extract the file that you will find inside it. Save it to the desktop of your Windows workstation.

3. Import the package into your repository

In R2 Docuo for Windows, from the category manager use the "Import" button. Select the file you downloaded in the previous step and press Ok.

First steps

Open R2 Docuo

And go to the category view (purple tree)

Create a new support ticket

Fill in the mandatory metadata with the description of the problem

Advance status and put the ticket on the pending state

You will receive the ticket opening email

Open the category manager and edit the Support Tickets category

Check the image and text of the automatic emails and customize them as you need. Consider if you need to add aditional data fields. Consider if you need to add aditional recipients for the automatic emails.

Back to workflow library

In R2 Docuo for Windows, from the category manager use the "Import" button. Select the file you downloaded in the previous step and press Ok.

Back to workflow library

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