Store your business files in the cloud in strict compliance with new GDPR. Create user accounts and configure permissions for them.
Create secure direct download links for your clients keeping control of all shared docs. Embody your website with a section to share files with clients.
Normalize repetitive emails & actions and get a visual overview of your business processes. Collaborate with your team in your company common tasks.
Organize files by category. Use metadata, Office® templates, automatic document & email generation, version control and electronic PDF signature.
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What is ECM Software?

What is an ECM Software?

Optimize and control your business processes

An ECM Software (Enterprise Content Management) is an advanced software tool used to organize, automate and accelerate repetitive tasks performed by a team of people in an organization, standardizing work and streamlining collaboration among those involved.

For this, an ECM Program combines the functionalities of a Database, a Document Management Software, a Workflow Software, a Cloud Storage platform and a Secure File Exchange system for working with third parties.

What is Content Management Software for?

Corporate documentation, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Invoicing, Quotations, Contracts, Data Protection, Archive, Human Resources, Compliance, Agile Methodologies, Customer Service...

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software is used to automate office processes. There are infinite scenarios in which an ECM tool is useful.

More than a simple Document Manager, wherever you need to store files securely, share them with clients, use document management techniques or control a business process by normalizing its information, its workflows and facilitating collaboration, an ECM Program is the reference tool.

R2 Docuo is the Swiss army knife for the consultant, CIO or intermediate manager to organize a team, business, organization or department.

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