Store your files in the cloud and work with them as if they were in your workstation. Create user accounts and configure permissions for them.
Embody your current website with a section to share files with clients or collaborators. Document Management Software as a secure alternative to FTP.
Collaborate with your team in your company common tasks. Normalize repetitive actions and get a visual overview of your business processes.
Organize files by category. Use metadata, Office® templates, version control and electronic PDF signature. The best tool for the document manager.
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November 7, 2017 | 1:47 pm

R2 Docuo 1.7 Mountain Climber

Like us, Jan Zahula is a cloud expert, but in his case we don’t talk about virtual clouds. This young athlete from the Czech Republic is moving safely through the highest summits in Europe and in the world.
July 18, 2017 | 10:04 am

New version R2 Docuo 1.6.2

In this version we have incorporated more than 30 suggestions sent by our users. The formulas reach R2 Docuo and the query tree arrives on the web.
May 17, 2017 | 5:25 pm

New version R2 Docuo 1.6.1

This version, Integration with Active Directory and a major facelift to the Query Editor. Take a look…
March 27, 2017 | 3:01 pm

New version R2 Docuo 1.6.0

This version brings us as more significant improvements the new file-type fields and the new automatic mail editor, but there is much more …