Store your business files in the cloud in strict compliance with new GDPR. Create user accounts and configure permissions for them.
Create secure direct download links for your clients keeping control of all shared docs. Embody your website with a section to share files with clients.
Normalize repetitive emails & actions and get a visual overview of your business processes. Collaborate with your team in your company common tasks.
Organize files by category. Use metadata, Office® templates, version control and electronic PDF signature. The swiss army knife for document management.
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The secret of good customer service is simple, treat the client as you would like to be treated in the same situation.
I had a professor at the university who said “The computer scientist’s job is to take simple things, put complicated names on them and sell them more expensive”.  I will try to explain what ECM Software is for everyone (and without raising its price …)
You could read out aloud all the documents you have piled up and stuffed in your filing cabinets to your clients and colleagues and fill your office with plants! Neither are bad ideas and neither are world changing ideas!
If your answer is “I do not know …” Here are three tips to know if it is worth having a document management software.
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