Files, Requests and Procedures
at full speed

Create information sheets, define the steps of each procedure, store associated documents and save time with forms and notifications.

Files, Requests and Procedures at full speedFiles, Requests and Procedures at full speed


All your information in one place

Keep records of your files

Know at a glance the status of your files and the main information of each one of them.

Start-to-finish control of each process

Forgetting a key date or deadline will never be a problem again thanks to automatic alerts.

One file, all your documentation

Put an end to the lack of control and associate all your emails and files to each file card.

Up to 70% automation

Automatic mailings, web forms for information collection, and more!

Word 365 Smart Templates

Automatically create documents with file data, even with sections for each case!

Electronic signature

Your customers will be able to sign from any device with full legal validity according to the European eIDAS regulation.

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