Yes, that means you can use R2 Docuo starting at € 15 / month to store, manage and share your files with a single User Account and all the Collaborator Accounts you need

We are sure that when you know the Document Management and Workflow features of R2 Docuo, you will want at least the people on your team to have a User Account. Want to know more? please contact us and we will get in touch ASAP.

  • Up to 9,999 free collaborator accounts and 100 GB/month download included.
  • / month

All prices in Euro excluding VAT. European customers are subject to VAT except intra-community operations.

What is the difference between a User Account and a Collaborator Account?


User Account

Collaborator Account

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Document Management


All subscriber User accounts co-workers get all the features.

Unsubscribed Collaborator accounts for clients, delivery partners or 3rd parties only get file storage/sharing upload/download and editing features.

  • Total of up to 9,999 unsubscribed collaborator accounts included in all paid subscriptions.
  • 100GB/month download included in all paid subscriptions.
  • Upgradeable monthly download limit at a cost of 0.08 € per GB/month.

For a detailed explanation of features available for each account type, please visit our FAQ.

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