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R2 Docuo Professional Edition PROFESSIONAL
1 user account
100 GB shared storage

€ 25

€ 30

 / month
Extra user accounts:

€ 6

€ 7.20

 / month
per extra +1 user up to 50
R2 Docuo Business Edition BUSINESS
1 user account
100 GB shared storage

€ 38

€ 45.60

 / month
Extra user accounts:

€ 9

€ 10.80

 / month
per extra +1 user up to 500
R2 Docuo Enterprise Edition ENTERPRISE
1 user account
100 GB shared storage

€ 51

€ 61.20

 / month
Extra user accounts:

€ 12

€ 14.40

 / month
per extra +1 user


100 GB shared storage pack

€ 15 / month

€ 18 / month

per extra +100 GB shared storage

50 Collaborator Accounts* pack

€ 50 / month

€ 60 / month

per extra +50 collaborator accounts
* Collaborator accounts enable external users for file exchange operations. All prices in Euro excluding VAT. European customers are subject to VAT except intra-community operations.
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Document management
Organize your files in categories with specific data fields (metadata). Search by any field.
File sharing
Private file exchange area for clients, suppliers or external parties. Creation of public download links.
Create comments, calendar reminders, or tasks for your team. Collaborate like in a social network.
Workflow - Basic
Control any business process by defining its steps. Use Kanban boards for visual management.
Forms - Basic
Create public data collection forms with the fields you choose to start your business processes.
365 Templates - Basic
Create Microsoft 365 templates (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) that will be populated with the information of your choice. Convert to PDF automatically.
email automation - Basic
Create emails that will be automatically sent to people when their turn comes in the process.
Workflow - Intermediate
Get more out of Kanban boards. Set automatic colors for your cards and view totals by column.
Forms - Intermediate
Use forms to view or modify data at any step in the process, or to preview any document.
PDF signing - eCertificate
Sign PDF documents with digital certificates automatically. Even massively.
PDF signing - eSignature
Send electronic signature links that recipients can sign from any device. With full legal validity in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
SMS text messaging
Automatically send SMS text messages to any recipient.
Microsoft Teams plugin
Send notifications to your Microsoft Teams chats automatically
Microsoft SharePoint plugin
Allows Docuo workflows to copy documents to corporate Microsoft SharePoint® Online (Microsoft 365) / On-Premises sites.
Active Directory plugin
Allows users and collaborators to use corporate Microsoft Windows® credentials to log in to Docuo.
API integration
Create your own connectors to integrate Docuo with any existing software using API programming functions.
Workflow - Advanced
Enjoy additional events to automate more actions and include advanced Javascript formulas in your processes.
Forms - Advanced
Combine fields from different document categories to merge several forms into one.
365 Templates - Advanced
Create repeating paragraphs, conditional sections or tables and achieve complete automation of your documents.
email automation - Advanced
Add repeating sections, conditional paragraphs, or tables to your emails.
Merge PDF documents
Merge multiple PDF documents into one automatically and at any point in the process. Ideal for annexes and contracts.
Requires Docuo credits consumption, see below
This plugin is contracted separately, contact us to learn more

Credit System

500 credits* pack

(on demand)

€ 25

per extra +500 credits

500 credits* pack

(in your yearly fee)

€ 20.83

per extra +500 credits
* Docuo credits don't expire, see below to learn how you can use them. All prices in Euro excluding VAT. European customers are subject to VAT except intra-community operations.




Use Docuo credits to enhance any document workflow, management & business capabilities

External Review Upgrade
Allows people without a user account to view or modify the metadata of a document, preview it or change its status in the workflow using online forms.
Enables unlimited external reviews on a single document for the next 30 days. The document can be reviewed by any number of external people during that time.
2 credits (€ 0.10)  per document.
Charged on demand
eSignature Upgrade
Complete contracts and other agreements in minutes through customized legal review and signature links that internal or external users can use from their devices.
Enables advanced electronic signature (eSignature) for a document for 90 days. The document can be signed as many times as necessary and by any number of people during that time.
5 credits (€ 0.25)  per document.
Charged on demand
SMS text messaging
Send SMS text messages with important information, notices or alerts to the cell phone of contacts, customers or collaborators.
Sends a text message (up to 166 characters) to a recipient.
1 credits (€ 0.05)  per document.
Charged on demand per message.


Base quota is enough for 90% of organizations, but maybe you are in that heavy-duty 10%...

Base quota
Workflow Operations
Booster pack
Get 1,000 extra state changes this month
1,000 x user / month *
Workflow operations
Included in all editions
+ 1,000 Workflow ops.
This month
100 credits (€5)
Charged on demand
Document Automation
Booster pack
Get 500 extra docs automated this month
500 Doc. automations / month
Included in all editions
+ 500 Doc. automations
This month
1.000 credits (€50)
Charged on demand
API calls Booster pack
Get enough API calls for those mission critical integrations
5k API calls / month
Included in Business and Enterprise editions
+ 50k API calls
This month
1,000 credits (€50)
Charged on demand

* Repository base quota for workflow operations are computed globally
(i.e. 3 users allow a total of 3,000 workflow operations per month).

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