Simple example: Sales

For a sales proposal first define the states: Request for proposal; With the client; Accepted; Changes requested; or Rejected.

Then define the actions or transitions which make a document move between the different workflow states:
Send quotation; Client accepts; Client rejects.

Using the circles and arrows of our unique view it looks like this:

Workflows your way!

With R2 Docuo, you drag and drop circles (states) and arrows (transitions) to set up your workflows the way you want them. There’s no complex admin configuration, no coding and no fuss or delay. You can create or modify your workflows in minutes.

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Let’s get more complex: Customer service and contract review

The real benefit of R2 Docuo as a workflow management solution comes when we consider other areas of business operations where there is more complexity.

What about customer service. This could be framed in variety of ways, including claims, complaints, tickets or issues resolution.

This might look something like this:


Or how about a typical workflow for contract review & signing:


I just created my Workflow
What can R2 Docuo do for me now?

Once you have created the workflow, R2 Docuo helps your team set up to control and tasks like:

Data collection through web forms

Data collection through web forms

Create a custom web form with the data fields you choose so your users and clients create new offers, tickets, requests… or start any other workflow in your organization.

Automatic email sending

Create emails and notifications automatically using templates and let R2 Docuo send them to the right people (users, customers or collaborators) when a Workflow transition is executed or when a document stays for several days in the same state.

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Automatic document creation & sending

Generate documents automatically from Microsoft Office® templates using the Workflow metadata and attach them in PDF format to your automatic emails. Example: Generate and send a sales proposal document based on your customer’s data and a sale price. Exactly in 30 seconds.

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Tracking and tracing

When your team moves through the steps of a Workflow, everything is recorded. You can know who and when has changed a workflow status. When an offer was sent, how long did the client spend making a purchasing decision or what response time are you providing.

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At a glance overview

R2 Docuo user interface is designed to provide visual control on your business processes. Each workflow intuitively shows which documents are in which step of the process using a color code by state. Detecting bottlenecks and controlling workload has never been so easy.

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