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Business Process Management and administrative tasks automation:
This is a workflow

In worflow software, a circle means a state, an arrow means an action.
Connect different states to draw a diagram that explains how your team performs a typical task,
with all its steps and variants. Have a look on this samples:


NOTE: The white double circle is the workflow initial state. Grey double circles are possible final states for the workflow.
Workflow for commercial offers or quotations


NOTE: More than one arrow can exit from the same source circle, this means the different actions that you may perform in that workflow state.
Workflow for ticketing, claims, complaints or issues resolution


NOTE: You can assign a color for each state, starting then, all elements in that workflow state will be shown in that color.
Workflow for contracts

Design and draw your own workflows

Create your usual workflows using an easy and intuitive interface.
No technical or programming knowledge is required. R2 Docuo is a software to make process workflows easy to understand.

How to design a Workflow in R2 Docuo

Create custom data fields to
store important information

They are called metadata and they are attached to every workflow record so workflow software users can fill them.
They can be of different types (text, number, date, money, dropdown list...)
Configure as many fields as you need to store important information of each workflow.

How to bind important data to a workflow using custom data fields or metadata

Collaborate with your teammates

Every record or document has an activity board for collaboration.
In this place you can create comments, calendar reminders and tasks to coordinate your work.
R2 Docuo will send an email for every new message adresees.
All your collaboration messages are allways available in the notifications area.

How to use comments, reminders and tasks in the workflow management software

Configure automatic emails
to warn or inform users or customers
when it's their turn in the workflow

You can create emails that will be automatically generated and sent at the right step in your workflows.
Alert your manager each time an offer is accepted or inform the customer when his or her issue is solved.
You can compose email templates including metadata or attaching the document itself:

Cómo programar correos automáticos que se envíen solos en determinados momentos del workflow

Program automatic forwarding
for your workflows

State changes in your workflows will be manual actions most times.
However, you can schedule some of this actions in the workflow management tool to automatically occur in some cases, when a date arrives or after a certain time in the same workflow state.
How to configure your workflow to forward through some states automatically.

Much more than
workflow management software!

Need more? R2 Docuo is not just a workflow management software.
It is also a powerful document management software that you can use to store and share
files in the cloud. Have a look on the remaining features and start using your business process management software:

Document management
Cloud storage
File sharing

Much more than workflow management software

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or subscribe starting at 15 €/month.

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