AI powered Contract Management Software

Use AI to extract information from your contracts, automatically organize them and manage their lifecycle.

AI powered Contract Management SoftwareAI powered Contract Management Software

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All your contracts in one place

Effortlessly and comprehensively understand the status of your company’s contracts:

1. Upload your contracts in PDF

And put an end to the chaos of shared folders and mail attachments.

2. Let AI analyze them

The AI will read them, extract their data and their current status.

3. Everything organized

Contracts are organized in folders and categories automatically.

4. Remember key dates

Receive notifications for expiration, renewal, obligations, and more.

Let your contracts be managed automatically!

Remember 100% of expirations
Weekly reduction: 7h of legal work saved
Reduce to 0 involuntary renewals

Control the entire Life Cycle of your contracts from beginning to end

Every contract in its placeEvery contract in its place

Every contract in its place

Automatic organization from minute 1.

Forget about searching through hundreds of emails and shared folders.

The AI reads your contracts and uses the key information to locate them in the corresponding folder.

Find the contract you are looking for in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence for your contractsArtificial Intelligence for your contracts

Artificial Intelligence for your contracts

Combine ChatGPT with Docuo and automate your contract management.

Extract key information from contracts such as parties, renewal and termination dates or amounts.

Automatically analyze contracts for risks, obligations or specific clauses.

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Expirations and RenewalsExpirations and Renewals

Expirations and Renewals

100% control of the important milestones of each contract.

Docuo alerts you when the expiration date is approaching.

You can renew or cancel your contracts in one click. No forgetfulness.

It also manages the dates of key rights and obligations.

Agile review and approvalAgile review and approval

Agile review and approval

Keep the parties informed in real time during the negotiation.

Accelerate the life cycle with a simple approval process.

Leave comments on the changes to be implemented in your contracts.

Easily collaborate with the parties thanks to automatic Workflows.

What Legal Departments think

Working with Docuo has meant a turning point for the legal department, becoming a must for our team. It is undoubtedly the Contract Management software we needed to streamline processes and offer our best service to the rest of the company. All of this with a quick implementation and an exceptional quality-price ratio.

Elisabet Prió, Coordinator of the Legal Department.
Original Buff.

Create your contracts automaticallyCreate your contracts automatically

Create your contracts automatically

Enter your usual Word 365 contract templates in Docuo.

Create as many contracts as you need with one click.

Make your templates smart with optional clauses.

The contract data is automatically filled in from Docuo.

Sign your contracts onlineSign your contracts online

Sign your contracts online

R2 Docuo is an electronic signature platform registered in the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

eSignature: Signing contracts from any device.

eCertificate: Uses digital certificates for signing.

Handwritten signature: Expedited with automatic forms.

All with full legal validity according to European eIDAS regulations.

Your contracts in a single secure place

Confidentiality, compliance and security in the cloud, guaranteed with Docuo.

100% according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Information Security certified in the National Security Scheme (ENS) and ISO 27001.

Servers located in Spain and the European Union.

Your contracts in a single secure placeYour contracts in a single secure place
Organize your Legal Team's requestsOrganize your Legal Team's requests

Organize your Legal Team's requests

Manage requests received from the rest of the organization automatically.

Keep promoters informed in real time of the status of their requests.

Design a circuit to prioritize work and assign it to each lawyer.

Create forms for frequent requests and you will never be short of data.

What types of contracts can you manage and sign with Docuo?

Commercial Contracts

– Rendering of services
– Purchase orders
– Franchise contracts, etc.

HR Contracts

– Employment contracts
– Confidentiality agreements
– Internship contracts, etc.

Real Estate Contracts

– Lease contracts
– Purchase and sale contracts
– Exchanges, earnest money…

Legal Contracts

– Donation contracts
– Suretyship contracts
– Loan contracts, etc.

Corporate Contracts

– Articles of incorporation
– Meeting notices
– Shareholders’ agreements, etc.

Compliance Contracts

– Data Controller
– Internal policy contract
– Audit contracts, etc.

Academic Contracts

– Researcher contract
– Teacher contract
– Certificates, enrollments, etc.

Intellectual Property

– Assignment of rights
– License agreement
– Patent agreement, etc.

Insurance Contracts

– Insurance policy contract
– Life, health, automobile, home
– Liability, travel, etc.

Our team helps you!

We work with you to get your Contract Manager up and running. We will adapt Docuo to your needs, providing value based on our experience with hundreds of legal teams.

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Our team helps you!Our team helps you!

FAQ about Contract Management Software

Contract Application process management, contract template library, automated contract creation from these templates, approval and negotiation workflow management, centralized contract storage (Single Source of Truth), contract search based on various parameters, running reports and dashboards, automated expiration and renewal management, and integration with sales and purchasing platforms (typically ERP).

According to a study by the American consulting firm Gartner, Contract Management Software is typically used by the departments of:

– Legal
– Commercial (sales)
– Procurement
– Administration (administration)

In Spain, the validity of electronic contracts is covered by Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, on information society services and electronic commerce (Article 23).

The process must guarantee the consent of the parties and the electronic signature is one of the ways of guaranteeing this consent, although there are others such as electronic validation.

Yes, Docuo is a software that covers all stages of the contract life cycle. The electronic signature is only one of those stages.

If you prefer to sign your contracts on another platform and use Docuo for everything else, you can do so.

Docuo has a database of parties and counterparties with the information of all individuals and legal entities involved in the organization’s contracts.

This way you can complete the contract templates with one click and also have quick access to all the contracts that correspond to each of these parties.

Yes, Docuo has a connector with Microsoft SharePoint that allows exporting contracts to this platform automatically.

It also has a documented API to develop custom connectors that automatically download contracts to other systems.

It is also possible to export contracts from Docuo manually at any time.

Covering the needs of purchasing managers. At a basic level they need to search for contracts, renew and update them, handle contract requests, generate reports and store supplier contracts.

Sometimes they need to negotiate the terms of a contract, but that is usually done by the legal department. These purchasing contracts are also called buyer-side contracts. They can also use more sophisticated integrations such as e-sourcing (supplier selection) and procure-to-pay (connection to payments).

Typically covering the needs of sales managers. The most important capability is usually the integration with CRM and the quick creation of sales contracts or terms and conditions from the template.

These sales contracts are also known as seller-side contracts.

Key capabilities for legal teams include contract negotiation and approval, and enabling legal review and negotiation workflows.

Setting up clause libraries and templates, and generating contracts from these is another important capability for legal.

Finally, storage, record retention and contract search are also critical.

This use case focuses on managing multiple types of contracts across the enterprise in a unified way, including purchasing (supplier), sales (customer) and human resources contracts. This use case can also include other types of contracts, such as lease agreements and financial contracts.

Contract Management Software provides a “single source of truth” for all contracts across the enterprise.