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Document ManagementDocument Management

Document Management

Take your organization to the next level, and go beyond shared folders, with document categories, metadata and customized queries.

Workflow ManagementWorkflow Management

Workflow Management

Draw the steps your documents follow, and control the entire process at a glance thanks to Kanban boards.

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Combine ChatGPT with Docuo, create summaries, generate documents, ask the AI for content or make automatic decisions in the workflow.

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Reduce up to 70% Manual tasks
Implement it in 4 weeks on average
Automate up to 10 Work hours per week
Document AutomationDocument Automation

Document Automation

Use Docuo Smart Templates with Microsoft 365 to create elegant, finished documents in one click. Even with optional paragraphs!

Web FormsWeb Forms

Web Forms

Speed up your processes: Collect important information from your customers and collaborators, sending them a link to fill in their data.

Learn about our Solutions

You can customize the Document Manager for your own processes, or use our solutions designed for specific Use Cases and Industries.

Learn about our SolutionsLearn about our Solutions
Electronic SignatureElectronic Signature

Electronic Signature

Send offers, contracts or agreements for review and signature with full legal validity. Use digital certificates or mobile devices.

File ExchangeFile Exchange

File Exchange

Create accounts for Customers and Partners and set up their permissions on a corporate web portal. Send secure download links for immediate access.

Connect with the tools you already know

Convert your Word 365 documents into templates, synchronize PDFs with SharePoint, create charts in PowerBI and receive notifications in Teams when something important happens.

Connect with the tools you already knowConnect with the tools you already know