Document Management: Beyond Outlook, Excel and Shared Folders

Convert the information and files of your daily work into a database that will increase the productivity of your team.

Document Management: Beyond Outlook, Excel and Shared FoldersDocument Management: Beyond Outlook, Excel and Shared Folders

Use advanced Document Management techniques

easily with Docuo



The starting point we all know.

Useful for basic organization, e.g. one folder per customer.

Document CategoriesDocument Categories

Document Categories

Organize your documents by type.

Just as on your cell phone you can view photos by date or by location, on Docuo you can view your documents by folder or by category.

It doesn't matter which folder they are in: you can see all the proposals at once.

Taxonomy and metadataTaxonomy and metadata

Taxonomy and metadata

An information card that accompanies the document.

In Docuo, you will have a card with the most important data for each document, as you would have in a library.

For example, for a proposal: company, amount, status, etc.

You can see the key information, without having to open the file.

Make magic with your documents!

…and make them bring their full value to your team:

Reduces up to 90% of search time
Avoid opening documents 3/5 times when searching for data
Save every week 5h of management time
Workflow ManagementWorkflow Management

Workflow Management

Keep track of the status of each document.

If you had a lot of files on your desk to manage, you would separate them into piles according to their status (pending, sent, finished), right?

In Docuo you can draw those "piles" using circles and explain the work to be done using arrows.

The result is called a process diagram, and it allows Docuo to automatically perform tasks for you.

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Create comments, reminders and tasks for your team on any document.

Just like in a social network, in Docuo you can comment on the documents you want.

In addition, you can create tasks for your team and set alerts for important dates.



Find a document like you would find a web page.

When you search for information on the web, you enter a few words in the search engine.

Searching for a document in Docuo is exactly the same.

You will find documents that contain your words in the title or in their data sheet.

The security of working with what you already know

Connect Docuo with your usual tools and start managing your documents faster, avoiding errors caused by manual management.

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The security of working with what you already knowThe security of working with what you already know
Version Control and Change ControlVersion Control and Change Control

Version Control and Change Control

Check the changes that a document has undergone over time.

In your bank you can see what your balance was after any movement, right?

In Docuo you can see how your document was after every change.

Changes occur every time you save, versions occur when you deliver the document (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc.).

Relational Database and Referential IntegrityRelational Database and Referential Integrity

Relational Database and Referential Integrity

Connect your documents with each other.

When you shop online you can see the orders you have placed, right?

In Docuo you can view a customer's proposal, a construction site's plans or a file's expenses.

Use drop-down lists to connect your documents so you don't enter the same data twice.

Document RetentionDocument Retention

Document Retention

Keep information only as long as necessary.

Just like food, documents can also have an expiration date.

In Docuo you can define how long you want to keep each document according to its type and then it will be automatically deleted.

In many cases, deleting information after a certain period of time is a legal obligation.

Our users love Docuo!

…and make special mention of the Ease of Use.

Security and permissionsSecurity and permissions

Security and permissions

Configure what each user can do with each type of document and in which folders.

Your keys allow you to access places where other people can't, right?

In Docuo you can define what each user or group of users can do.

You can say that a user cannot modify proposals, create files, delete contracts or view a folder.



Consult the history of actions on any document.

When you browse the web you can consult the history of pages you have visited.

In Docuo you can see all the actions performed on a document, including who performed them.

From creating it, replacing it, opening it to read it, or deleting it.

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Our team will help you implement Document Management in your organization with Docuo.

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User-defined queriesUser-defined queries

User-defined queries

Create reports with the data you need and the parameters to be queried.

When you book an airline trip, you enter origin, destination and date, and you get the list of available flights.

In Docuo you can create queries that are just as easy to use.

You say what to ask and what results should be displayed, done!

Electronic signatureElectronic signature

Electronic signature

Send a document for someone else to sign from their device.

With Docuo you can send a document to a person to review and sign from their cell phone.

With full legal validity according to the European eIDAS regulation.

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Document creation from TemplateDocument creation from Template

Document creation from Template

Creates a new document based on a Word 365 template and your card data.

When a teacher creates an exam paper for all his students, he leaves a hole where to write the name.

In Docuo you can create document templates in Microsoft Word 365 and "leave a hole" where a piece of information about your customer, supplier, file, invoice, etc. goes.

You can then generate dozens of the same documents and Docuo will replace the gap with the corresponding value.

Learn more about Document Automation

Document Management for all companies

Explore our industry-specific solutions and discover how Docuo can adapt to you.

Document Management for all companiesDocument Management for all companies


The fastest way to request information from third parties.

To start any process, the first thing you are usually asked to do is to fill out a form.

In Docuo you can create them so that anyone can start a new process.

You can also use them for those who need to modify existing information.

Learn more about Web Forms
File ExchangeFile Exchange

File Exchange

A way for your customers and partners to securely download and upload their documents

Just as you wouldn't let just anyone transport a valuable object, so it is with some documents.

Docuo allows you to create a corporate portal where your customers and partners can download and upload documents.

You can also create secure download links protected by password, expiration date, one-time use, etc.

Learn more about File Exchange
Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Use ChatGPT’s integration with Docuo to perform all kinds of intelligent automations:

Summarize any document in a few lines.

Searches and extracts data from the document.

Makes decisions automatically.

Answers questions about your content.

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