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Guaranteed Security & Privacy
100% GDPR compliant

Our secure cloud storage software is compliant with all European
privacy and personal data protection regulations, including the new GDPR.
Our data centers are located in the European Union.
We use secure protocols for all file and data transfers.

Secure cloud storage according european privacy and data protection laws

Simple & easy,
you will be using it in a few minutes

Install the R2 Docuo Desktop application for Windows, your favorite web browser or the mobile App to manage your files in the cloud.
You know this interface, it works as any file browser
and includes many more features than any other cloud storage software.

Cloud storage software main window

Create as many accounts as you need

You can create up to 9,999 accounts for your collaborators at no additional cost.
Set groups, security and permissions for cloud file management, so everyone can see, upload or download what you allow them to do.
Control all account activities with a detailed log.

Creación de cuentas de usuario ilimitadas para el programa de almacenamiento en la nube

Collaborate with your team using
comments, calendar reminders and tasks

Every document in R2 Docuo has an activity & collaboration board
that you can use to communicate with other users as in any social network.

The adresees are emailed as soon as they have a new comment or message
and current activity is allways available in the notification area.

Cloud storage software with collaborative tools

Full control and traceability
of all your users actions

Assign permisions by folder, category, worflow state or any other criteria.
Organize your users in groups and register every action they perform
so that you get full control of their activities.

Document management software with full traceability of user actions

Work with your files directly in the cloud,
no file sync

With the desktop application for Windows, your files will be in your desktop
just when you need to work on them.

You can also permanently download them anytime.

No sync cloud storage software working schema

Use the R2 Docuo API to connect
your own software

Are you a developer? We have a documented API so you can
store files in the cloud from your ERP, App or website.
Security is granted through oAuth protocol.

Secure cloud storage through API

Much more than
secure cloud storage

Need more? R2 Docuo is not just a secure cloud storage software.
It is also a powerful document management, workflow management and collaboration software.
Have a look on other software features:

Document management
File sharing

Document management, workflow, filesharing

Start your 30-day free trial
or subscribe starting at 15 €/month.

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