Software for Compliance Verification in Exports

Issuance of certificates of conformity* with local standards. Optimization of customs clearance at destination.

*Only entities authorized by the Ministry of Industry can issue Certificates of Conformity. Docuo manages the certificate management and issuance process for these entities.

Software for Compliance Verification in ExportsSoftware for Compliance Verification in Exports


Document VerificationDocument Verification

Document Verification

Automates the validation of the documentation provided by the exporter.

Meets the quality and safety requirements of the applicable regulations in the destination country.

Docuo verifies that the necessary information has been provided, according to the type of goods.



Ensures the quality of products at the origin or destination.

Facilitates the planning and assignment of physical inspections to the appropriate experts.

Receives real-time information on customs inspections.

Organizes the collection and analysis of samples in the laboratory to evaluate compliance.



Make informed decisions.

Quickly identify bottlenecks through organized information.

Automatically collects the necessary data to generate detailed and accurate reports.

Issuance of the Certificate of ConformityIssuance of the Certificate of Conformity

Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity

Issuance of the certificate required by the destination country’s government.

Prevents shipment rejections.

Uses QR codes and verifies in seconds if the shipment contains everything it should.

Reduces waiting times and avoids problems at customs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compliance Verification Software

How does a certificate of conformity generator software work?

The software allows users to enter relevant information, such as product details and conformity requirements, and automatically generate certificates.

What are the advantages of using Docuo to generate certificates?

By using Docuo, you will have efficient and accurate certificate issuance, backed by a secure and easy-to-manage digital registry.

What variety of certificates can be generated and customized?

Docuo allows you to generate customized certificates for different standards, such as quality, security and more, with customizable designs and content.

Can you work with Docuo without technical knowledge and does it allow you to use different languages?

The interface is designed for everyone, allowing non-technical users to generate certificates without difficulty and in different languages.

Can issued certificates be easily updated if requirements change?

Yes, Docuo alerts you if changes are required and automates the updating of certificates, ensuring continued validity.

What level of security does compliance verification software offer?

The software has security measures in place to protect the integrity of data and the confidentiality of all information.