Optimise collaboration

Working with all company's departments has never been easier.

Avoid disorganisation and prioritise work with the single entry point for requests.

Ensures that the obligatory data is filled in by automatically requesting it at the start of each process.

Keep interested parties informed in real time automatically.

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Automate legal processes

Our objective? To maximise productivity.

Automatically create contracts from Microsoft 365 templates.

Save effort by automating and customising approval and signature workflows.

Optimise your time with the parties and counterparties database, and you will never type the same data twice.

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Reduce risks

End with the unnecesary legal worries of your team.

Create a single source of truth for contracts and corporate legal information that functions as a centralised store and version control.

Do not forget key dates on expiry dates and renewals thanks to automatic alerts.

Controls the entire contractual process with full traceability of rights and obligations.

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All in one

CLM and Electronic Signature in a single product.

Sign contracts in minutes instead of weeks with Docuo eSignature, the advanced electronic signature.

Save time by automating signing workflows with digital certificates through Docuo eCertificate.

It is 100% compliant with the European eIDAS regulation.

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What the Legal Departments say

Working with Docuo CLM has meant a turning point for the legal department, becoming an essential for our team. Without a doubt, it is the Contract Management software that we needed to streamline processes and offer our best service to the rest of the company in an agile, productive and risk-free way. All this with a rapid development and with an exceptional quality - price ratio.

Elisabet Prió, Lawyer Coordinator.
Original Buff.

Connect with the tools you already know

Start saving time by drafting contracts from your Word templates and streamlines legal team collaboration by receiving alerts in Teams.

Dealing with the whole company requests without the right tools is not an easy task.

With Docuo Contract Management, you will avoid the saturation and disorganisation of your team, and above all, you reduce the risk of forgetting key dates or losing important documents.

Get the CLM your team needs.

Optimises collaboration.

Automate legal processes.

Reduces risk.

All in one: CLM + Electronic signature.

Take control, move to agility.

Everything you need to know at a glance. Reinvent the way you manage contracts and discover visual management with Kanban boards.

We help you automate your legal workflows

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Our team of experts will guide you to configure & customize Docuo CLM in a personalized way. We will start from the most common workflows and adapt them to your use case, creating unique value propositions for your Legal Department based on our experience.

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