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Easy and intuitive interface,
learn to use it in a few minutes

The R2 Docuo document management software has an interface that you already know,
it is similar to any file browser but with many improvements.

Use the desktop application for Windows, your favorite web broser or the mobile app
to access your private cloud and your files. Have a look on the document manager main window:

Document management software main window

Don't use just folders,
organize your documents using categories

Assign a category to any file so that R2 Docuo document manager creates
document management features such as metadata, templates or workflow for it.

Use the category view to list together all documents of the same category,
no matter in which folder they are stored. This is the main advantage of Document Managemen Software over tradicional folder systems.

Document management software with document categories

Add metadata to your files

R2 Docuo document management software adds a details view to your files
that includes data fields (metadata) depending on its category.

Create your own categories with the metadata you need and use them to complete your documents,
perform searchs, view metadata in columns near your files or automatically fill Microsoft Office® templates.

Document management software with metadata

Sign PDF documents electronically

Upload your digital certificates and add electronic signature to your documents in R2 Docuo with single click. Set security in electronic signatures for users to sign PDF documents without knowing the certificate password.

Use your usual corporate certificates (FNMT, DigiCert, Verisign, etc.) to electronically sign PDF documents quickly and safely in your document management software.

Electronic signature for PDF documents with digital certificate

Scan documents directly to your document management software

Install your scanner drivers in your workstation and forget about manual scanning.

R2 Docuo uses the TWAIN standard for directly import and classify documents and take them from your scanner to the cloud, page by page or using the document loader in your device.

Document scanning using the TWAIN stándar

Control your usual workflows

Add to your files information regarding the workflow that they follow in your organization.

Use the document management software to control at any time
every document current state and how it was reached.
Design your own custom workflows.

Learn more about workflow management in R2 Docuo

Document management software with workflow features

Collaborate with your team using
comments, calendar reminders and tasks

Every document in R2 Docuo has an activity & collaboration board
that you can use to communicate with other users.

The adresees are emailed as soon as they have a new comment or message
in the document management software.
Your pending activities are allways available in the notification area of the Document Manager.

Document management software with collaborative tools

Use version control
and publish in PDF format

Enable version control for a file in the document management software to have a
separate control of a document's draft and its published version.

Work in the upcoming document version while other users use the published current one.
Warn subscriptors when a new version is publised and do it in PDF format if you want:

DRAFT EDITION: In documents with version control enabled, you start working in the document draft, in this case in the 1.0 version.
Document management software with version control: draft
PUBLISHING: When the draft is ready you can publish the document. If it was a Microsoft Office® file you can choose to do it in PDF format.
Document management software with version control: publish

CREATE A NEW VERSION OF EXISTING DOCUMENTS: You can create a new version of an existing document and work in the new version (2.0) until it is ready to be published.
Document management software with version control: create new version of existing documents

Upload your Microsoft Office® templates
and fill them automatically

Upload your usual document templates to each document management category
and create new documents based on them easily in the Document Management System.

You can add replacement tags inside your templates so that they
will be replaced automatically with metadata when you publish or create new documents.

Document management software with Microsoft Office<sup>®</sup> templates.

Store your files in the cloud and share them with your clients

R2 Docuo is not just a document management software.
It is also an exchange platform for document management: store your files in the cloud
and share them with your clients and collaborators.

Learn more about file sharing with R2 Docuo

Learn more about cloud storage using R2 Docuo

Document management software to share and store files in the cloud

Full control and traceability
of all your users actions

Assign permisions by folder, category, worflow state or any other criteria.
Organize your users in groups and register every action they perform
so that you get full control of their activities in the document management software.

Document management software with full traceability of user actions

Start your 30-day trial
or subscribe starting at 15 €/month.

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