Electronic Signature:
Send and Sign Documents Automatically

Create and send proposals, contracts or agreements for review and signature. Use digital certificates or sign from mobile devices with full legal validity.

Electronic Signature: Send and Sign Documents AutomaticallyElectronic Signature: Send and Sign Documents Automatically


Choose the signature you need

Docuo allows you to use all types of electronic signatures contemplated in the European eIDAS standard, and integrate them into your workflows automatically.

Prepare your documentPrepare your document

Prepare your document

Request a one-off signature or prepare a template for several people.

If you use Word 365, add labels to be replaced with each person's data.

Draw the rectangle where they should sign, load the address list and press send.

Signing from your cell phoneSigning from your cell phone

Signing from your cell phone

The fastest and most convenient.

The Advanced Electronic Signature or eSignature allows your users to sign from any device.

100% valid thanks to the European eIDAS regulation and the intervention of Docuo as a trusted third party.

Remote, automatic and 100% legal signatures

According to the European eIDAS regulation

It takes, on average, 15 min. per signature
Save 35€ per document
Recover 6 days on each transaction
Sign with digital certificateSign with digital certificate

Sign with digital certificate

The most secure option.

The Qualified Electronic Signature or eCertificate, has a validity equivalent to a handwritten signature.

It uses certificates issued by a trusted entity (FNMT, Chamber or similar) both personal and corporate.

Handwritten signatureHandwritten signature

Handwritten signature

The traditional signature, faster.

The handwritten signature is still necessary in many scenarios, and speeding it up with software is possible.

Use forms and workflows to advance a scanned copy of the signature and send the originals later.

Electronic validationElectronic validation

Electronic validation

The alternative for day-to-day business.

Many operations do not require such a strict legal binding as an electronic signature.

The validation or digital check is a sufficient fingerprint for many processes (deliveries, reviews, etc.).

Go from days to minutes, when closing your deals.

And manage the entire process without leaving the tool.

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