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Use direct download links to share your files

Create a download link for your document or file and send it through email.
Your client will download it securely with a single click. 100% GDPR compliant.
Optionally configure password and expiration date for them.
Be in control of what your users share and keep your corporate image during the whole process.

Direct download links to share files

Create your own corporate web portal.
Customize it with your colors, your logo
and your corporate image

If files must go back and forth from your company to your clients often, then R2 Docuo secure corporate web portal is the right feature to use. Create accounts and set permisions for them.
You can easily configure your logo, colours and much more from the control pannel.

File sharing web portal customized with logo and corporate colors

as a typical file browser

Your users will be able to log in using any web browser or the mobile App
to search, download or upload files.
The document sharing interface is really simple and you will be using it in minutes.

File sharing using R2 Docuo corporate web portal

Create as many accounts as you need

You will be able to create as many accounts as needed without any additional cost.
Set up permisions and security for each customer or collaborator
so they can see, download or upload in their corresponding folders.
Check every account uploads and downloads when file sharing.

Unlimited account creation for file sharing

Get notified by email when your customers upload a file

Or when a file is downloaded, modified, or removed. Choose when you want to be notified.
You can also configure automatic emails for them when you upload new files.

Email sample: Get notified by email when your customers upload a file

Download R2 Docuo for Windows
and enjoy an ultrafast access

You and all your users can download the R2 Docuo desktop application for Windows
and work with the shared files as if they where in your PC.

Main view of the file sharing windows desktop application

The best alternative to an FTP server

Secure transfer and storage, user activity monitoring and control,
advanced permision and security management, friendly and easy interface, file version contol.
R2 Docuo is the best alternative to a corporate FTP server.

Alternative to FTP for file sharing

Much more than
file sharing

Do you need more? R2 Docuo is not only a file sharing software.
It is also a powerful document management software, workflow management software
and collaboration tool. Have a look to the remaining software features:

Document management
Cloud storage

Document management, workflow, cloud storage software

Start your 30-day free trial
or subscribe starting at 15 €/month.

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