Keep control of what your users share, show your corporate image, your logo and your colours in each download

Use secure direct download links or add a file exchange portal to your website complying with the GDPR and avoid the use of free file transfer services.

Get a detailed activity log of each user file sharing action (sharing, downloading, uploading new files). Manage sharing permissions in a centralized console and cancel download links that you consider inappropriate or obsolete.

Keep your corporate image in view of your clients at all times for a professional look and feel.

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Power your workflow with collaboration features

Collaborate and prioritize communication with clients, teammates and third parties with comments, calendar reminders, notifications and task mamagement over shared files.

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User accounts for your team, clients and delivery partners

User accounts for your team, clients and delivery partners

Set up groups, security and permissions for all users and get an audit trail through detailed logs of all user actions.

Download links secured for business confidence

https:// secured, with admin control over other security features such as expiry date, password, ‘single use’ and more. Get a detailed log of all times a download link has been used including user credentials and IP geolocation.

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