10 Tips to Improve your Customer Service

The secret of good customer service is simple, treat the client as you would like to be treated in the same situation.

Most of the companies direct their attention to the customer to pick up incidents and complaints worrying only to write down what is claimed and to give deadlines for solution, from my point of view this is a mistake.

Customer service can not be oriented only to address complaints, it is also necessary to train employees so that they know how to see improvement opportunities in the doubts posed by customers.

In the end the person who best knows the customers, the products that you offer and the shortcomings of the same are the employees who are responsible for providing this service.

I will share 10 very simple guidelines to make your customer service more effective.

  1. When you talk to customers, try to have a positive attitude, even if their question seems “silly” to you the customer has taken the trouble to contact you because it is important for them.
  2. In general customers usually give all the information you need in the first minutes of the conversation, write down what is necessary such as their name, the name of the company, etc. so you do not have to ask again. If you ask again what they have just told you, they will get a horrible sense of disinterest.
  3. Make sure you have understood the query well, when they have finished explaining their query, make a small “summary” of what you have understood.
  4. Even if you have repeated the same thing 100 times in the last hour for each client it is new information, they do not have to notice that you have given that information to 100 different customers.
  5. Remember the feeling the first time you do something, that same feeling your customer has when you are explaining the operation of the product or service. Try to explain it with simple and short sentences without using “Technicalities”
  6. When a customer calls in angry they are not angry with you, they are angry with the situation that is happening, do not take it as something personal.
  7. Obviously the optimal situation is to be able to solve the query at that moment, if not and you have to open a ticket make sure you can later find the ticket with some generic data of the client such as name, email … No customer remembers a ticket number that has been assigned.
  8. When you are waiting for the solution to an incident or query it is very important to receive periodic information about the status or the actions that are being carried out. Sending an email with the information of the opening of the ticket or with the actions carried out gives the client a sense of attention and confidence.
  9. We must try to detect repetitive queries or incidents, if all your customers complain about the same or have the same doubt there is a possibility for clear improvement.
  10. Create a suggestion box, the people who can help you improve the product effectively are the customers, they do not know what it costs to make a change, they make suggestions based on what they need or believe useful. Those suggestions are “gold”, learn to use them to your advantage.

Software tools that you use to provide customer support are also important: keep track of incidents, register suggestions, queries … and know what state each one is in.

There are many available in the market and in the worst case you can always organize everything with an Excel, but as it could not be otherwise we use Docuo to manage customer service and it gives us many advantages.

See you in the cloud!

Conchi Liébana