We are the premier tool for Renewable Land Contracts

Manage thousands of lease and purchase contracts in wind and solar farms effortlessly.

We are the premier tool for  Renewable Land ContractsWe are the premier tool for  Renewable Land Contracts


Gather information about the landGather information about the land

Gather information about the land

Polygons, plots, cadastral references.

Capture key information about the relevant estates in Docuo's mobile apps and send it to the office in real-time.

Sales representatives will have a database of promising lands that they will gradually complete: Owners, Communities of Owners, etc.

When the deal is finalized, the back office will verify that all necessary data is available to create the contracts.

Tailored contracts in secondsTailored contracts in seconds

Tailored contracts in seconds

Lease, easement, and sale.

Ensure you have all the necessary information for your contracts (cartographic base, temporary occupation, compensations, etc.), and if not, notify the sales representative through Docuo.

With the smart templates of Microsoft 365, create contracts with all their characteristics: choose whether they are individuals, legal entities, or communities of goods, who is responsible for the SPV, and all the information you need!

Once the contract is ready, you can view key information such as the participation percentages of each person, without having to review each contract one by one.

Final management of your renewable contractsFinal management of your renewable contracts

Final management of your renewable contracts

Signing, payments, and renewals.

With just one click, you'll have your contract PDF ready, which you can send for electronic signature via Docuo or in the most traditional way (handwritten and scanned).

Automatically manage all payments and receipts of the contracts in force (including the creation of self-invoices), and notify interested parties of due dates and renewals, such as the SPV manager.

The CLM focused on Renewable Energy

Start improving the way you manage your contracts with a specialized tool.

Choose the clauses you need (royalties, easements, etc.) and create your contracts.

Participation percentages and prices automatically calculated for each project.

Know the number of signatories or the projects that belong to the same SPV in seconds.

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