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Account types: users and collaborators

There are two types of user accounts in R2 Docuo. The rule of thumb is that the most active employees in your organization will need a user account. External users as customers or suppliers or those who just need to share files will have enough with a collaborator account:

Feature User accounts
For your coworkers.
Full access to all software features.
Collaborator accounts
For customers, suppliers or external users.
Limited to file sharing.
File storing and sharing, including upload, download and editing.
Access throuhg R2 Docuo web portal.
Access through R2 Docuo desktop app.
Configurable permissions using profiles.
Collaborative tools: Comments, calendar reminders and tasks.
Assign documents to categories. Browse documents by category.
Entering, editing and visualization of document metadata.
User-defined queries.
Document templates and version control.
Workflow design and editing.
Workflow visualization, including trazability.
Triggering workflow events (changing a document state inside its workflow).

You can create up to 9,999 collaborator accounts in your R2 Docuo reposuitory with no aditional cost. This should be enough to cover all internal and external file sharing needs in your organization.

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File transfer in R2 Docuo

When you work with your files in R2 Docuo, they move from your computer to the cloud and from the cloud to your computer. The data transfer in both types of traffic has the following limits:

File upload
Upload files from user workstation
to R2 Docuo
File download
Download files from R2 Docuo
to user workstation
What is the limit? None 100 GB/month
per repository. Upgradeable.
When does it happen? When uploading a file for
the first time.
At the end of editing.
When viewing a file.
When editing a file.
When downloading a file
to your workstation.
How much does cost to
upgrade the limit?
There is no limit. 0.08 € per additional GB/month

File upload data transfer is unlimited. Users and collaborators may upload files to R2 Docuo (from their workstations or devices to the cloud) as many times as necessary.

Download traffic (moving files from the cloud to user workstations or devices) has a upgradeable limit of 100 GB/month per repository. This limit is enough for intensive usage of many users, even with big size files. You can find an approximated estimation of your monthly download volume in the frequently asked questions.

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Payment methods

We accept the following:

All charges in Euro.

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We are an UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified company

Certified quality assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company


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