Why Enterprise Content Management?

Broadly speaking, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a systematized approach that uses strategies, methods, and tools to manage information related to business specific processes. It is not limited to common processes (as invoicing or human resources), it also covers custom use cases occurring in each company. ECM Software is used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational workflows.


ECM enables two important capabilities:

Office Process Automation

Office Process Automation

Moving information and documents through a previously designed custom workflow

Automatic Document Generation

Automatic Document Generation

Creating and sending documents and emails from previously designed templates

Enterprise Content Management lets companies take control of creating and publishing business information. For businesses, key benefits include providing robust control over creation, approval and distribution, and logging the actions performed by users of the system.

R2 Docuo is broadly used in many scenarios. Any organization can get a huge benefit from its features. However is a typical tool in some specific business areas. Here are some of them:

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Document control fit for quality assurance

For the purposes of quality assurance (QA), document control is an essential part of the quality system. Regulated businesses without a document control system leave themselves wide-open to the scrutiny of regulatory watchdogs.

Regulated environments where QA is a required to support Good Practices, such as in manufacturing, clinical and laboratory settings (GMP, GCP and GLP) are able to leverage R2 Docuo to support their objectives.

R2 Docuo Enterprise Content Management supports teams, workgroups and Quality Assurance and Document Control Managers in effectively carrying out key responsibilities associated with their roles.

The system lets you generate, review and approve documents. You can make changes and identify revision status and control document distribution. Finally, it enables archiving, completing the document lifecycle.



Meeting the challenges of regulation

Regulated environments bear an unfair share of the compliance burden. R2 Docuo enables businesses to master their compliance challenges.

With R2 Docuo you put in place a solution that lets you track and control document revisions in line with the regulatory requirements that your business has to meet.

More than this, R2 Docuo helps structure your business processes, because it lets you normalize the Office Document Process so that the workflow becomes embedded.

Teams using the solution, are always certain what happens next, because R2 Docuo locks in every next action into the workflow. When an action has to be performed because compliance demands it, R2 Docuo Enterprise Content Management makes sure it isn’t missed out.



More than just version control and tracking changes

There are many engineering and technical trades specializations. Common to them all is the need to take control of the complex documentation that supports research and development, and construction and manufacturing.

However, there’s more to it than versioning and tracking changes. Collaboration workflow is an integral part of the way that engineering environments need to work, especially if they are to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

R2 Docuo Enterprise Content Management lets architects, construction and mechanical engineering teams generate, store and share documentation in a centralized system.

With R2 Docuo, software and electronic engineering teams also get a complete set of capabilities for managing and tracking complex information contained across multiple related documents.

Law firms and legal departments

Law firms and legal departments

Document control for legal teams and workgroups

Few areas of document management are as critical as the law. Whether as a legal practice or as a management function of a business, managing legal documents requires a no-compromise approach.

There may be many types, including contracts, motions, wills, trusts, leases, evidence files, statements and transcripts. However, they’ve all got the potential to impact business entities and individuals.

With R2 Docuo, Enterprise Content Management law practices and legal departments improve operational efficiency, information security and document integrity.

Importantly, you can normalize desired processes for distributing legal information by locking-in the states and transitions of your workflow. Legal workgroups simplify the retrieval of essential information, achieve greater productivity and promote greater accountability, when they’ve got R2 Docuo on the team.

R2 Docuo also provides a secure and private platform for sensitive information exchange with third parties.

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