Audit and Certification Process Management Software

Error-free organization of auditors' work, automated information exchange with clients and automatic issuance of proposals and certificates.

Audit and Certification Process Management SoftwareAudit and Certification Process Management Software


Full traceabilityFull traceability

Full traceability

All the information and the work of your auditors under control.

Organize the schedule of visits to carry out audits successfully. Set up Docuo so that auditors and clients receive alerts when a visit date is approaching, or when it's their turn to provide documentation.

Some things don't last forever, such as the qualifications of your auditors. Make sure their expiration is not a problem with Docuo's automatic alerts.

Spread the workload among your auditors. With Docuo, you can check at a glance how many busy days each auditor has and set automatic limits.

Auditors and clientsAuditors and clients

Auditors and clients

Smooth information exchange.

Make life easier for your inspectors with checklist forms detailing everything that needs to be checked during each audit: requirements, documentation to be provided, etc. They can even attach photos!

Avoid file sharing chaos with clients. Thanks to Docuo's Web Portal, they will be able to upload and download documentation in an organized way from any device.

In any audit, missing deadlines can cause major problems. Set reminders for both you and your clients and make the whole process run smoothly.

Proposal and certificatesProposal and certificates

Proposal and certificates

Create them quickly and easily.

Thanks to Docuo's automatic Word 365 templates, you can create your Audit Proposals in just a few minutes. Enter the language, standard to be audited, country, days, etc. and let Docuo intelligently create the document with a click.

When it's time to issue a certificate with the result of the audit, you can do it in seconds, since Docuo will create, complete, and electronically sign the official document. It can even send it to the customer automatically.

Many certificates have a temporary validity, and their expiration can cause numerous problems. Set up all the reminders you need and don't let your customers miss the renewal date.

The perfect tool for the management of Audit and Certification processes

Don’t waste hundreds of hours organizing your auditors’ work and avoid human error with Docuo.

Meet audit deadlines and set up automatic alerts.

Store in one place the templates you use in your audits.

Grant the permissions you deem necessary to your auditors.

Start working differently today.

Carrying out the management of Audit and Certification processes in a simple way is in your hands.

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