Automatic Document Creation from Templates

Convert your usual Word 365 documents into Docuo Smart Templates. Create Proposals, Contracts, Certificates, Orders or any other document automatically.

Automatic Document Creation from TemplatesAutomatic Document Creation from Templates


Document Automation, at your fingertips

Say goodbye to duplicating the last document you used… (and the risks it entails)

Documents that fill themselvesDocuments that fill themselves

Documents that fill themselves

With the information of the client, supplier, or the process itself.

Upload your Word 365 templates to Docuo.

Add labels that will be replaced automatically.

You're all set! Create the documents you need.

Unify several templates into oneUnify several templates into one

Unify several templates into one

Docuo Smart Templates allow you to include optional paragraphs or pages.

Docuo will automatically include or remove sections, so you use one template for all cases.

Organize all your company's templates in one place.

Create documents in minutes!

No more copying and pasting the previous document, no more errors!

Reduces up to 100% doc creation time
Automate your Word 365 templates
Results in PDF or .docx
Create drafts or finished documentsCreate drafts or finished documents

Create drafts or finished documents

You choose the target format: Word or PDF.

Generate a Word draft that your team can review and complete.

Directly create a PDF ready to send.

Templates + Workflow = Maximum productivityTemplates + Workflow = Maximum productivity

Templates + Workflow = Maximum productivity

Add your templates to a workflow to create and send documents automatically. Example:

Select the customer, service and price and press advance.

Docuo will create a PDF proposal document and send it to the customer by email.

Learn more about Workflow
Prepare your templates for electronic signaturePrepare your templates for electronic signature

Prepare your templates for electronic signature

Draw the rectangle where your customers should sign and generate documents ready to sign electronically.

Learn more about Electronic Signature

Multiply your team's productivity

Give them back the time they spend creating documents.

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