Document Management for EPC Projects: Successful Coordination in Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Create automatic Transmittals, work with your customers & suppliers in one place and control your projects at a glance.

Document Management for EPC Projects: Successful Coordination in Engineering, Procurement and ConstructionDocument Management for EPC Projects: Successful Coordination in Engineering, Procurement and Construction


Agents, suppliers, contractorsAgents, suppliers, contractors

Agents, suppliers, contractors

All working in the same place

Thanks to the CDE (Common Data Environment), all the people involved in the project will be coordinated with each other, having access to the final versions of each document and forgetting about crossed emails forever.

With Docuo's workspaces, each person involved in the project will only have access to the areas that affect them, without the risk of modifying or deleting information that does not correspond to them. Organization and speed are assured.

Formalizes the delivery of documentationFormalizes the delivery of documentation

Formalizes the delivery of documentation

Automatic Transmittals

New documentation is constantly emerging in an engineering project and notifying the parties involved is essential. Thanks to the automatic generation and delivery of Transmittals, you can formalize the availability of new documents automatically and effortlessly.

In your transmittals you can include all the information you need: from the most common data, such as the name of the sender, the relevant versions and dates, to the purpose of the documents.

Your EPC projects under control

…and always on time

Automate 100% of Transmittals
Reduce errors to 0 in your projects
Revision flowsRevision flows

Revision flows

Your work always under control

Forget about sending hundreds of emails to all the people involved in a project for review, thanks to the Workflows we have designed especially for this problem.

If, after review, the projects need changes, don't worry! With the automatic notifications, you can inform the people involved in a single click and even tell them what part they should work on. All this without leaving the tool.

Centralized informationCentralized information

Centralized information

Projects always on time and with BIM methodology

You will have all your information (plans, buildings associated to a SOP, junction charts, etc.) organized in the same place and you will be able to automate up to 70% of your work, thus ensuring that you meet deadlines and quotes.

Access information in real time, from anywhere, and make decisions in the field. At a glance, you'll know if jobs are following their natural cycle or if any intervention is needed.

The tool you need for the successful coordination of your Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects.

Forget about searching through hundreds of emails for the document you need and have all the information related to your projects in a single tool.

Generates and sends transmittals automatically.

Allows everyone involved in the project to have access to what they need.

Have your documents and information available forever.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Carry out all your engineering projects in an agile, coordinated and simple way, it is at your fingertips.

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