I talk to a PDF and here’s what happens!

When you have a question about a document, the normal thing to do is to make a quick reading, go to the table of contents or look for the paragraphs that answer your question.

If the document is long or convoluted (contracts, proposals, technical specifications) resolving doubts can be complicated.

If this is your case… We have good news! Now in Docuo, you can ask the R2AI Assistant any question about your documents, and it will respond in seconds. Amazing, isn’t it? Keep reading or, if you prefer, I can tell you how it works in this video.

r2ai assistant

R2AI is an artificial intelligence assistant that you can ask anything about any document you have stored in Docuo.

In summary, it will allow you to talk to your documents! And in ChatGPT style.

r2ai assitant question


In addition to providing you with any information you need, R2AI can also give it to you in a list.

r2ai assitant list


The R2AI Assistant is going to completely change the way you work with your documents. And this is just the beginning.

See you in the cloud!


Minerva Ventura

Digital Marketing Specialist