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What happens in Docuo? – December 2023

To end the year on a high note, we bring you no less than six new features. Let’s get to know them.

If you prefer to see them in video, I’ll leave them here.

Icons everywhere

You can now add icons all over your Docuo. You can identify each process, button or document type with the one you choose (among the hundreds available!) and find what you need at a glance. Find out how to add them here.

New electronic signature process

We know how important the signature is in many of the daily processes that are carried out with Docuo, and for this reason, we have created a new agile and simple design, without losing any legal validity! Find out how to configure it here.

ChatGPT 4, now available

Artificial Intelligence evolves very fast, and at Docuo we know it. That’s why you can now select ChatGPT 4 to get better quality answers, capable of analysing more data. We show you how to activate it here.

Now, in one field, you can check all the options you need at once and adjust your formulas to be calculated, based on what you check (for example, to calculate what would be the price of several products or services together). We show you how to set them up here.

State-by-state formulas

Have a faster and more optimised Docuo! Now, your formulas will no longer be calculated in all states, but you will be able to select the states where you need them. Learn how to configure this feature here.


Always correct data

When, for example, you are asked for your ID number in a field, there are many ways of writing it: 12345678A, 12345678-A, etc. To achieve uniformity, users will now have instructions on how to write the information in the fields and will not be able to send it until it is written correctly. We tell you about it in detail here.

These are the latest features! See you in the cloud.


Minerva Ventura

Digital Marketing Specialist