Discover the 7 new features you can not miss

Our goal is to make your day-to-day life easier. That’s why we keep working to improve our software and offer you new features that make it possible.

If you are a Docuo customer, these are the features you can enjoy from now on. But if you are not yet a customer, contact our sales department and they will advise you in a personalised way.


1. Kanban View in your hand

You read that right! Kanban View is now available on your mobile phone. Now you don’t have to go to the office or even open your computer. You will be able to manage all your tasks from your smartphone. Thanks to the agile visual management offered by this new functionality, you can detect delays in deliveries or avoid bottlenecks in your team instantly. Just download the Docuo´s App (iOS and Android) and manage it from your mobile. As easy as that.


2. Combine multiple documents into 1 PDF

Add all the documents you need, such as ID documents, payrolls, etc. to a main file and combine them into a single PDF. This way, you will avoid possible loss of documents and increase the effectiveness of signature processes, for example.

Contact our sales team to upgrade to Docuo Enterprise and enjoy this functionality right now.


3. Automatically name your files

FILE00001.JPG”? Much better “Josh Radley ID.JPG”, right? Thanks to this new automatic naming feature in file type fields, you will forget about impossible names and you will be able to start storing your files in a more organised and intuitive way automatically.

Now, when someone uploads a file in a field, it will be automatically named as you configure it from the category wizard.


4. More automation, less worry

Now you can automate the following actions on a document, its file type fields or its metadata:

  • Actions when leaving a process state (available in Docuo Enterprise version).
  • Actions when moving through a process transition
  • Actions when entering a process state (available in Docuo Enterprise version)
  • Actions when submit a form (available in Docuo Enterprise version)

In addition, you can now also send automatic emails in more places, such as when submit a form or when entering and leaving a process state (available in Docuo Professional and Business version).

As you already know, if you need to upgrade to another version to enjoy these features, just contact sales.


5. CategoryAgg function

This feature allows you to use any data that exists in Docuo from a formula. For example, if you have a category of countries and you need to create a complete list of all of them from any formula, this is the functionality you need.

Do not miss it and upgrade to Docuo Enterprise to enjoy this functionality!


6. New analytical data of your processes

Thanks to the new options in the process information fields, you will be able to show the user the relevant information about the process that a document has followed. In other words, you will know who, when and for how long in any part of the workflow.


7. Increase security with “Control” step

This new functionality allows you to take control and configure the limitations of the actions that a user can realize in a process.


Now that you know Docuo’s latest features, it’s time to enjoy them. Start now or upgrade to the version you need (Business or Enterprise).