Ethical Mailbox:
Manage and Resolve Complaints Efficiently.

Comply with the standards by creating a complaints channel and build an ethical and safe work environment in your organization.

Law 2/2023: Public sector entities in Spain and private companies with 50 or more employees must have an Ethics Mailbox by December 1, 2023.

Ethical Mailbox: Manage and Resolve Complaints Efficiently.Ethical Mailbox: Manage and Resolve Complaints Efficiently.


Confidential complaint formConfidential complaint form

Confidential complaint form

Enable users to easily and anonymously submit their complaints with an intuitive and secure form that allows them to provide relevant details. This ensures that complaints can be handled in a structured way.

Complaints ChannelComplaints Channel

Complaints Channel

Automatic registration of the complaints filed, thus avoiding the loss of complaints and ensuring adequate follow-up. A centralized registry facilitates access to the complaints received, ensuring efficient management and a rapid response to complainants.

Handle ComplaintHandle Complaint

Handle Complaint

With Docuo, you can assign responsible individuals to investigate and follow up on each complaint. This ensures proper management of complaints, avoiding delays and speeding up the resolution process. Additionally, deadlines can be set and a complete history of actions taken can be maintained, facilitating follow-up and transparency.

Accept or deny complaintsAccept or deny complaints

Accept or deny complaints

Allows you to accept or deny the complaints received and evaluate the veracity and relevance of each complaint in an informed manner. By having an automated system, the decision-making process is streamlined, which contributes to efficient management and a prompt response to the complainants.

Manage the accepted complaintsManage the accepted complaints

Manage the accepted complaints

Once a complaint has been accepted, its comprehensive management is facilitated. It allows you to keep a detailed record of the actions taken, the resolution deadlines and the complete history of the complaint, thus ensuring a structured and orderly management of accepted complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ethics Mailbox

What is the Ethics Mailbox?

The Ethics Mailbox is a tool that allows employees and other interested parties to report possible irregularities or ethically questionable conduct within an organization.

What is the process for handling complaints in the Ethics Mailbox?

The process involves assigning a person responsible for investigating the complaint, gathering evidence, taking the necessary actions and keeping a detailed record of the actions taken.

How is the confidentiality of complaints ensured?

The Ethical Mailbox ensures the confidentiality of complaints by allowing complainants to choose to remain anonymous and by implementing security measures to protect the identity of the complainant.

Why is it important to implement an Ethical Mailbox in an organization?

Implementing an Ethical Mailbox is important to foster an ethical culture, promote transparency, detect internal problems early, prevent fraud and protect the organization’s values and reputation.

Who can use the Ethical Mailbox?

The Ethical Mailbox is available to all employees of the organization, suppliers, customers and anyone else who is aware of inappropriate conduct and wishes to report it confidentially.

How do you ensure the proper handling of complaints received in the Ethical Mailbox?

The complaints received in the Ethical Mailbox are managed by a specialized team that is responsible for analyzing and evaluating each case in an impartial and confidential manner. Appropriate processes are established for their follow-up and resolution.

Which companies are obliged to comply?

According to Law 2/2023 regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory violations and the fight against corruption, it is mandatory to implement an Ethical Mailbox in public sector entities in Spain and private companies with 50 employees or more, as well as entities subject to European Union regulations.

What is the deadline for companies to comply with the law?

The deadline for implementation varies according to the type of entity, being June 13, 2023 for some public sector entities and December 1, 2023 for private companies with 50 to 249 employees and municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Is it possible to track the status of a complaint filed?

Yes, it is possible to track the status of a complaint filed through the Ethical Mailbox. You have the option to consult the progress of the investigation, the actions taken and the measures implemented to resolve the complaint.

What are the benefits of using an Ethical Mailbox in an organization?

Using an Ethical Mailbox brings benefits such as strengthening the organization’s ethics and values, preventing fraud and misconduct, creating a safe and trustworthy work environment, and promoting transparency and trust.