How was AIIM Forum Europe 2019

This month we attended AIIM Forum Europe: Intelligent Information Management in the heart of London at an excellent venue: The Grand Connaught Rooms hotel.

Today I want to share with you our experience of the event to give you an idea of what they are like and what we brought to it.


What was the event?

For those who are not aware of these events, let me explain a little about them. They are an opportunity for new and existing clients to meet current suppliers, competitors, and people they have spoken to by phone and importantly to gain insight and information.

AIIM Forum Europe was created to give organisations in the digital process management market a chance to share best practice and allow potential and existing clients to gain knowledge that would help progress their business forward.

This can be achieved in many ways from:

  • Discussions with current service provider
  • Discussions with potential new providers
  • Demonstrations
  • Networking with other businesses who share the same challenges
  • “Round table” discussions with a dedicated expert to help solve common or specific challenges
  • “Fireside” chats with specific organisations

Peggi Winton started the event with an excellent keynote about the Digital Transformation Journey we all are in. Several speakers hosted roundtables and presentations with the attending delegates in a really interesting agenda.


What did we bring?

At this years event, I lead a round table discussion in productivity. Below you will find a layout of what was discussed.

The discussion was titled “From Pain to Process: Moving from Process Agony to Productivity (BPM)

  • Being in process agony: Top three symptoms (Repetitive manual tasks, too much side workflows, lack of normalisation)
  • What you should expect from a workflow/bpm solution (Guide / Measure / Support)
  • Who should the software help: CEO or team? (Business layer vs Execution layer)
  • Which office tasks can be automatic in 2020? (Document & Email automation, Machine Learning predictions & decision making, Blockchain timestamping)
  • How often a workflow changes in your company? (Look for “change friendly” software, the more changes the more improvement)
  • You will never hit the bullseye at the first attempt when modelling a workflow (No one will, trial-error is part of learning: Agile Workflow Management)

Each point was discussed to give people a better understanding of what business process management is and are they getting the most from it.

I wanted the people who joined the discussion to understand the true nature of bottleneck scenarios (so called process agony). This could be spending large amounts of time on mundane repetitive tasks. The constant use of side workflows or processes. Finding out how many people were in a similar position, for example, so many people found themselves manually performing repetitive tasks and how many of those tasks could be automatic in 2020.

Additionally, I wanted to help them when thinking about the purchase of new software to help solve these challenges. To do this I needed them to recognise what was more important to them, a software that can guide them? help them measure activity or importantly grant them support and automation.

Furthermore, we shared what tasks could ultimately be automated to help regain time and resources, no matter how often their business process changed. Making them aware that you can have control over the software to make changes when you need it and not wait for an IT department or third party to intervene.

We also brought short demonstrations of our cloud based Document Management & Workflow software in action to grasp the simplicity of it, showing that software should not be complicated to learn to achieve great results. You can see these demonstrations here.

Yo-yo’s, we also brought yo-yo’s (lots of them) and gaveaway most of them to the visitors.

Being agile helps you take control and to react when you need to react and learn from . We believe that it should be possible to change the process in your software as fast as the decision you took to make those changes.


Final thoughts

We truly enjoyed being at this years event and encourage people to go along. It is a great opportunity to learn new techniques to help you and your business, in addition, it also helps you meet people in the same situation to share experience and best practice.

I encourage you to contact our team if you attended the event and need any additional info or just need help automating and managing your organization workflows.

Thank you again for those who came to see us and we look forward to seeing more people next year!

See you in the cloud!


Jorge Ramirez